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TacHacker – DIY Pistol Storage Case

Wednesday, March 27th, 2013

Breach Bang Clear’s “Hondo” came up with an interesting idea of converting NVG storage cases, readily available on the surplus market into weapon storage cases.


Visit for full details.

TacHacker – The UnPouch – ShareWear from Advanced Outfitters

Thursday, November 8th, 2012

This ShareWear design from our friends at Advanced Outfitters is intended as a minimalist carrying solution. The UnPouch consists of bungee cord, a strip of 1″ webbing folded back on its length and sewn or bartacked every inch ala PALS as well as a cordlock to keep it all together.


As you can see in the photo, you weave it all together using your pack’s (or other platform) PALS webbing as a base. It’s all held together with the Cordlock but in a pinch, I’d say a knot would suffice. It will carry various bottles such as the Nalgene model seen here and AO says they’ve carried magazines that way too.

It’s an I the resting minimalist design but this recipe is just the beginning. Based on this concept, you could home brew all kinds of concepts. Give it a whirl. This is an ShareWear concept so feel free to share with friends or with us here at SSD.

Thanks to Advanced Outfitters

TacHacker – RAT Grips

Monday, December 26th, 2011

RAT Grips offers thermal moldable grip systems. That’s right, with their Rapid Adaptation Technology you can mold your own grip that is custom fit for your hand. You heat up the blank and overmold it onto your existing weapon grip. Using the texture cloth and grip you can create a custom finish. Kits include a blank grip, Texture Cloth, Texture Glove, and Instruction Sheet.

Available in Black, Brown, Camo, Dark Khaki, Khaki and Olive Drab.


Tuesday, September 6th, 2011

Designed by Mike “Vec” Gapp and manufactured by TOPS Knives, the EcoHawk is an innovative take on a hawk. Designed as a versatile combination of handheld knife and handle-bourne hawk, it is designed to allow you to affix the head to an appropriate handle when needed. This is a great tool for addition in a survival kit due to its versatility. In fact, it is offered as a kit that includes a Lansky sharpener, saw, whistle, magnesium fire starter, and paracord which can be used to lash it to a handle or for other survival needs.

The EcoHawk is a Tachackers dream. Not only can it be adapted to a variety of uses but the designer encourages users to modify the blade to suit their particular needs. Manufactured from 1075 steel, this can be difficult, but is possible, prior to deployment.