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FastMag Gen IV

Wednesday, October 4th, 2017

Hudson Supplies produced this video on the latest version of the FastMag IV.

Versions are available to accommodate 5.56, 6.8, and Pistol magazines in Black, Coyote Brown and Tan. Camo Green coming soon.

-GhilieTEX™ IR signature Reduction Technology
-Mount to any MOLLE/P.A.L.S 1″ web system, up or down (wearer’s preference)
-Attachment slots for Malice Clips or double stacking
-Reduces the reload time High-impact resistant polymer case with anti-fragmentation properties
-Magazine stays secure without pouch flap, hooks, cover, or lid
-Tension strap can be moved up or down for additional friction


Wolf Wind Leatherworks – Wolf Equipment Belt

Tuesday, July 29th, 2014

Portugal-based Wolf Wind Leatherworks offers and interesting take on the load carrying belt. It looks to be a great option for those into Bushcraft or want an entirely different look than the usual nylon-based systems.


– Austrialpin Cobra Adjustable buckle (45 mm)-quick release. Colour options: black matte / coyote brown / desert sand / foliage green. As another buckle option, Wolf Wind provides by order: ITW Nexus GT Cobra buckle-quick release-100% polymer system with no metal components.
– ITW Nexus snap hook – M.A.S.H
– ITW Nexus hook – C.L.A.S.H
– Steel Austrialpin karabiner – micro inox 3-way autolock (black)
– Black oxide treated steel screws
– Two layers of leather hand stitched together with double passage of waxed linen thread
– Fiebing´s oil dyes and Obenauf´s finish
– High quality vegetable-tanned 8-10oz leather that will ages well- width:4,5cm
– Nylon webbing MIL-W-4088 TYP 7 class 1a – Each belt comes with the nylon webbing that increments for fine adjustment.


Wolf Wind Leatherworks also offers a leather Equipment Pouch seen mounted in the photo below which is designed specifically to carry:

– Pouch for: ESEE AH-1 arrowhead and Fällkniven DC3 whetstone
– Removable firesteel loop (ambidextrous)
– Removable ITW Nexus Grimloc (ambidextrous)
– Atwood paracord 550 (orange) – storage on the back side


Additionally, there is an EDC belt that also incorporates an Austrialpin Cobra buckle. Wolf Wind Leatherworks also specializes in quality leather knifesheaths for various fixed blade models.

Each belt is custom made to order based on waist size. Available in Dark Brown or USMC Black.


The ITW QASM Ramp is a Perfect Match for the Strikemark GoPro Mount

Tuesday, April 16th, 2013

ITW QASM Ramp MOLLE Adaptor that you wrote about is in stock at Strikemark.com for $6.95. We’ve got it in Coyote and Black. We’re the only company in the country that’s carrying it as of right now…we were able to snag the first production run of it. They’re so much nicer and crisper than the prototypes.



Black Bag Designs LLC NVG Head HarnessADS Tactical

Thursday, January 19th, 2012


We saw a really cool NVG Head Harness in the Adams Industries booth (SHOT Show booth #5008) that is made by Black Bag Designs LLC and is 100% Berry compliant. It is crafted from Jaquard weave Multicam Webbing from Murdock webbing, printed MultiCam loop from Velcro USA and hardware from ITW and National Molding. It’s unique in that it is able to mount ANY US issue ground troop Night Vision Device. It is fully adjustable at 10 different points for user comfort. Additionally, the harness is lightweight and so compact it can be stowed in a cargo pocket. Guaranteed for life and currently in use by US SOF, the Head Harness is available from Adams Industries, ADS, and Black Bag Designs, LLC. It’s Patent Pending and available in Black, Khaki, MultiCam and Coyote Brown.


Black Bag Designs LLC
Ph 815-252-8766

FirstSpear Platform Combinations

Tuesday, July 26th, 2011

By now most of you have already checked out FirstSpear’sâ„¢ website or catalog and you will have noticed that they have worked hard to develop a system. Three of their platforms are designed to work alone or in concert with one another: The Sleeperâ„¢, The Beat Upâ„¢, and OAGREâ„¢.

The Sleeperâ„¢
Designed in conjunction with Crye Precisionâ„¢, the Sleeperâ„¢ is designed to wear over or under garments and can be worn alone or in conjunction with the other platforms featured in this article. It gets its name from

The Beat Upâ„¢ PC (Plate Carrier) – SAPI/ESAPI/SPEAR
The Beat Up gets its name from WW II’s Long Range Desert Group (LRDG). They referred to a raid as a “Beat Up” and FirstSpearâ„¢ developed it for just this sort of operation. It can be worn alone or in conjunction with the other platforms to beef up their protection level.

Operational Assault Ground Reconnaissance Exploitation (OAGREâ„¢) Tactical Vest
The OAGREâ„¢ was actually first conceived for use by Recce elements but the Assaulters saw it and recommended a few changes. It is great for those who need a more traditional load bearing or assault vest. It can be worn alone or over The Sleeperâ„¢. That you can add The Beat Upâ„¢ allows it to be instantly uparmored for the task at hand.

Here are some shots of various combinations. The Beat Upâ„¢ attaches to the other platforms via ITW G-hooks that attach to a discreet tab system.

Beat Upâ„¢ / Sleeperâ„¢
– shoulder straps and padding removed from Beat Upâ„¢
– Beat Upâ„¢ cummerbund attached to Sleeperâ„¢
– optional Beat Upâ„¢ attachment kit connects Beat Upâ„¢ to discreet tabs on Sleeperâ„¢

OAGREâ„¢ / Sleeperâ„¢
– Plate and soft armor inside sleeper
– Foam shoulder and waist pad removed from OAGREâ„¢
– Assaulters Gun Belt attached to OAGREâ„¢

Beat Upâ„¢ / OAGREâ„¢
– cummerbund, shoulder straps, and padding removed from Beat Upâ„¢
– optional Beat Up attachment kit connects Beat Upâ„¢ to discreet tabs on OAGREâ„¢

FirstSpearâ„¢ has gone to great lengths to incorporate the latest material technologies such as printed Velcroâ„¢ into their designs. Additionally, their products are Berry compliant and offered in Black, Coyote, Khaki, Ranger Green, and MultiCam.


Advanced Outfitters Khyber Belt

Monday, May 16th, 2011

I’ve had one for two weeks and it’s a great, simple belt. Some of the best things are simply built. Oftentimes you will get a webbing belt with a new pair of hiking pants but generally the buckles leave much to be desired by either being too bulky or slipping. The Khyber belt has neither of these shortfalls. The buckle is fashioned from a Tan ITW Waterbury G-hook paired with 1″ coyote mil-spec webbing to fashion the belt. The running end of the belt is secured in place by a ladderloc and to be sure it won’t slip, the webbing is doubled back. It isn’t going anywhere.

Designed for waists 25″ to 50″, additional sizes are available by special order. As the belt is only 1″ wide I do not suggest it for weapons carrying. AO is planning a 1.5″ belt and has unveiled a limited run Titanium buckle of a new design but single layer webbing just isn’t stiff enough for the task. Having said that, this new model will a welcome addition to the line.

AO makes three great points about the Khyber belt:
-The hook is super easy to get on and off but is secure
-The light weight and thin profile makes it great for hiking pants and shorts under pack belts
-The price; they are $12


Down Range Gear’s Great Idea Turns ITW’s QASM on Its Side

Sunday, April 10th, 2011

We received an email at an odd hour last night from Down Range Gear’s founder telling us he had awoke from a dream with a great idea and just had to turn it into reality. Ten minutes later he had produced the first Down Range Gear QASM Vertical Connector. Once he told us about what he was up to this morning we agreed; it IS a great idea.

The ITW Nexus QASM (Quick Attach Surface Mount) is designed to fit on a piece of 1″ nylon webbing such as in a PALS application to allow you to attach an item to it that is equipped with the male portion of a 1″ side release buckle. Since PALS webbing is oriented in the horizontal plane, you can’t use it to attach vertical buckles without adding vertical webbing to your platform. That is, until now. Down Range Gear has come up with a simple yet effective modification to the buckle using 1″ webbing to allow it to be woven through PALS and attached back on itself. This means no modification to your existing kit.

Read more about it here: downrangegear.wordpress.com.


Monday, June 1st, 2009

To clarify a point from our earlier FASTmag coverage, the Gen III will not stack with mil-spec PALS-style attachments. The snaps are too thick to fit through the slot but other FASTmags as well as MALICE clips fit fine.


In the pictures you see the standard Gen II FASTmag (Left) compared to a belt-style Gen III (Right). There are two styles of Gen III, the belt-style as well as a standard PALS compatible version with the ears to tuck under an upper row of PALS to enhance stability. The belt-style has a removable bar that slides along the loops to accommodate various width belts.


Down East changed from the mil-spec MOLLE attaching system to a proprietary synthetic. Also, please notice that they have improved the security of the FASTmag to the point where they feel they could omit the bungie strap from the design.