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Black Bag Designs LLC NVG Head HarnessADS Tactical


We saw a really cool NVG Head Harness in the Adams Industries booth (SHOT Show booth #5008) that is made by Black Bag Designs LLC and is 100% Berry compliant. It is crafted from Jaquard weave Multicam Webbing from Murdock webbing, printed MultiCam loop from Velcro USA and hardware from ITW and National Molding. It’s unique in that it is able to mount ANY US issue ground troop Night Vision Device. It is fully adjustable at 10 different points for user comfort. Additionally, the harness is lightweight and so compact it can be stowed in a cargo pocket. Guaranteed for life and currently in use by US SOF, the Head Harness is available from Adams Industries, ADS, and Black Bag Designs, LLC. It’s Patent Pending and available in Black, Khaki, MultiCam and Coyote Brown.


Black Bag Designs LLC
Ph 815-252-8766

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3 Responses to “Black Bag Designs LLC NVG Head HarnessADS Tactical

  1. Winston says:

    It looks like a modern take on the face gripper the ADF issues, but with out the two metal rods that dig into your cheeks.
    Does it come with any counterweights for the back, or does the user need to supply their own?

  2. Chris Adams says:


    User would need to provide their own. We could provide them upon request of course.

    Chris Adams

  3. Matt says:

    I’ve got quite a bit of experience with this product and I never found the need for counter weights as it just adds weight to your head. The harness was designed and developed at Ft. Bragg directly with the end users. The harness was primarily utilized with the PVS 23 and ANVIS 9 goggle systems. It has been utilized and tested in driving, HALO/HAHO, patrolling, and CQB environments. The system has been in use in the Iraq and Afghanistan theaters for over 8 months.