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SHOT Show 17 – Adams Industries DTNVG

Tuesday, January 31st, 2017

Adams Industries exhibited their Dual Tube Night Vision Goggles featuring tubes by ACT.

Aside from veey clear night vision, the tubes also automatically turn off when they are flipped up to the carriage position.

Adams Industries offers multiple versions of this technology including government, commercial, export, white phosphorous, color and WFOV models.  The Camo tape is available in multiple patterns.


– Eric Graves
SSD Editor

Warrior Expo – Adams Industries Legionnaire Clip-On Sight

Thursday, May 5th, 2016

LEGIONNAIRE White Phosphor is Adams’ standard LEGIONNAIRE but with a L3 White Phosphor tube for greater contrast.

Focus knob well positioned for both right and left handed shooters
Catadioptric lens for greater light gathering
Locking quick disconnect lever mount
80mm Focal lens (vs 68mm on PVS-22)
40mm Exit Pupil
Available in both Automatic Brightness Control & Manual Gain Control versions
Choice of 1 x CR123A or 1 x AA battery
Pressure switch remote control
Factory Aligned to 1/2MOA or better
In FOV Low Battery indicator
User controlled Bright Light Cut-OFF function
Compact size: 175mm/6.8”(L) x 83mm/3.27” (W) x 76mm/3.0” (H Above Rail w/o Obj. Cover)
Only weighs 814 grams / 28.8 oz. / 1.8 lb (without battery)


Adams Industries – Sentinel Color Night Vision Goggles Available

Thursday, September 3rd, 2015


It’s EOY money time and Adams Industries just released the Color Night Vision version of their Sentinel Goggle. This multi-spectral goggle is also available for commercial sale to non-DoD customers.


The SENTINEL-CNV is an image intensifier (I2) vision goggle designed originally for US SOF. The goggle’s I2 tubes utilize proprietary modifications to deliver meaningful and repeatable color contrast at low light levels associated with nighttime operations. The goggles are optimized to present more lifelike color under moderate illumination conditions, and better contrast under all conditions. The SENTINEL-CNV has independent variable gain for each channel and can be used on an ANVIS or Dovetail compatible helmet mount.


Adams Industries Update

Tuesday, June 9th, 2015

We received this update from Adams Industries.

1. 3D Filter Sets: This product is in production and we have delivered over a hundred sets to government end users. They love it. If you have a binocular goggle that accepts PVS-14 style screw-in filters then you can order this product TODAY. Price is $195 per set. We are working on other variants like the PVS-31 and expect to be done with that soon.

2. Color Night Vision (CNVG). OK, so it was color, then it was HD because we tried to make a filter set that would work but everybody said it sucked out too much light and now we have an agreement in place to get the special color tubes we need and the first production tubes will be delivered on the 15th of this month; which means the first CNVG goggles will roll out by the end of the month. We already have military customers lined up. I have attached pictures (seen above). Yes, I know that the bushes are red. Anything that reflects IR heavily including many bushes will show up red. So you’ll be aware of that for the first five minutes, and then you’ll be so happy with the contrast it gives you that it won’t cross your mind again. So, to answer the question everybody is going to ask: Yes. American Citizens residing inside the USA can buy CNVG goggles. They are $16,000; they come in a SENTINEL dual gain control form factor, and delivery is 45 days ARO unless you happen to hit us on a day when we have just received a shipment of tubes and they’re not all spoken for (don’t hold your breath, seriously).

3. SENTINEL SALE. Yep, a sale. Why? Well you try developing color night vision out of your own pocket! Time to generate some cash flow baby. We are offering SENTINEL YG goggles (ITT/EXELIS OMNI VIII MIL SPEC TUBES) $6,750 per unit until the end of this coming week (that’s Friday the 12th for those of you who need to mark your calendar). After that right back to $7,950.

4. LEGIONNAIRE SALE. This one is for LEGIONNAIRE clip-on with L3 OMNI VIII tube. $4,000 until the end of the week. After that back to $4,500.


Warrior West – Adams Industries

Thursday, April 30th, 2015

Chris Adams told me this is the dumbest product he’s ever done but that it works and he’ll sell a bunch of them.  

It’s a traditional Flexfit ball cap with Velcro fields on the front, sides and rear.  Additionally, you get the Cejay Emgineering battery powered light with mount along with a finger light and mount.  The finger light doubles as a beacon.  The lights are removable and can be used in a variety of applications. 

Offered in Tan, Black, Grey and Hunter Orange.  Coming next month from www.adamsindustries.com.

Adams Industries Announces Autem Novus as International Distributor

Thursday, January 29th, 2015

Adams Industries, Inc., a manufacturer of night vision systems and tactical accessories, announced today that it is appointing Autem Novus LLC for international distribution in an effort to streamline its export compliance and export license processing. Chris Adams stated “After 20 years of handling our own export paperwork, I have found someone who is actually more up on the ITAR than I am and with whom I feel even more comfortable with than handling it myself. Gwen Weaver has accumulated an impressive depth of knowledge and know-how when it comes to compliance issues. Adams Industries is fortunate that she has decided to partner with us for night vision exports. Plus all the time I get back will go into product development and making new cool gear.” This change goes into effect immediately.


SHOT Show – Adams Industries

Thursday, January 22nd, 2015


Adams Industries has integrated the ability to power via USB to the Ground Warrior Battery Pack. The aviation battery pack AI-GWBP accepts 4 x CR123A batteries. It will power the Six15 Technologies computer FR up to 20 hours.


Get Your “Strategic Socks” from Adams Industries at SHOT Show

Thursday, January 15th, 2015


Until they run out in booth #6410.