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Adams Industries – Sentinel Color Night Vision Goggles Available


It’s EOY money time and Adams Industries just released the Color Night Vision version of their Sentinel Goggle. This multi-spectral goggle is also available for commercial sale to non-DoD customers.


The SENTINEL-CNV is an image intensifier (I2) vision goggle designed originally for US SOF. The goggle’s I2 tubes utilize proprietary modifications to deliver meaningful and repeatable color contrast at low light levels associated with nighttime operations. The goggles are optimized to present more lifelike color under moderate illumination conditions, and better contrast under all conditions. The SENTINEL-CNV has independent variable gain for each channel and can be used on an ANVIS or Dovetail compatible helmet mount.



8 Responses to “Adams Industries – Sentinel Color Night Vision Goggles Available”

  1. TV-PressPass says:

    Sooooo fancy.

    I’ve found that through the tube photos never quite manage to do justice to NVGs. Particularly with the PVS-14s I’ve used. I wonder if that’s the case with these too.

  2. Easy E says:

    While expensive, like any current NVG seems to be, I’m a bit surprised these aren’t more than the $12,700 they’re asking. I don’t really need two kidneys anyways. For the money, I can get a those NVGs and other crap for a complete setup.

  3. T.H says:

    I had the opportunity to check these out recently and they truly were amazing. Given what we have all become used to, these will be a very welcome change.

  4. Kaos-1 says:

    What does IR illumination and IR lasers come out looking like through this kind of tube technology?

  5. CAPT Jake says:

    Certainly hope there is some level of scrutiny by the company who they sell to.

  6. Grump says:

    A mere $13,000?! How can they possibly make a profit? I’m putting my house on the market to get money for a down-payment on a pair!