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Warrior West – Adams Industries

Chris Adams told me this is the dumbest product he’s ever done but that it works and he’ll sell a bunch of them.  

It’s a traditional Flexfit ball cap with Velcro fields on the front, sides and rear.  Additionally, you get the Cejay Emgineering battery powered light with mount along with a finger light and mount.  The finger light doubles as a beacon.  The lights are removable and can be used in a variety of applications. 

Offered in Tan, Black, Grey and Hunter Orange.  Coming next month from


15 Responses to “Warrior West – Adams Industries”

  1. ThatBlueFalcon says:

    “Finger light.” Yeah, sure…

  2. HD says:

    “Used in a variety of applications.”

  3. Still has the button on top…

  4. T.H says:

    I bet the airsoft guys will be all over this!

  5. Maskirovka says:

    What no NVG mount? 2/10 would not buy.

  6. Mike D says:

    Needs the button removed to install a Velcro field large enough to mount the MOHOC camera SSD recently featured

  7. Eddie says:

    You got a month to fix the buttons guys, get cracking.

  8. Chris Adams says:

    Hey Guys, that’s a prototype. Bought the hat off Amazon. It was supposed to be tan. Showed up gray. Such is life. I appreciate the input and YES we will put velcro on the top of the production hats.

  9. Hooper says:

    if its stupid but it works it isn’t stupid…