Wolf Wind Leatherworks – Wolf Equipment Belt

Portugal-based Wolf Wind Leatherworks offers and interesting take on the load carrying belt. It looks to be a great option for those into Bushcraft or want an entirely different look than the usual nylon-based systems.


– Austrialpin Cobra Adjustable buckle (45 mm)-quick release. Colour options: black matte / coyote brown / desert sand / foliage green. As another buckle option, Wolf Wind provides by order: ITW Nexus GT Cobra buckle-quick release-100% polymer system with no metal components.
– ITW Nexus snap hook – M.A.S.H
– ITW Nexus hook – C.L.A.S.H
– Steel Austrialpin karabiner – micro inox 3-way autolock (black)
– Black oxide treated steel screws
– Two layers of leather hand stitched together with double passage of waxed linen thread
– Fiebing´s oil dyes and Obenauf´s finish
– High quality vegetable-tanned 8-10oz leather that will ages well- width:4,5cm
– Nylon webbing MIL-W-4088 TYP 7 class 1a – Each belt comes with the nylon webbing that increments for fine adjustment.


Wolf Wind Leatherworks also offers a leather Equipment Pouch seen mounted in the photo below which is designed specifically to carry:

– Pouch for: ESEE AH-1 arrowhead and Fällkniven DC3 whetstone
– Removable firesteel loop (ambidextrous)
– Removable ITW Nexus Grimloc (ambidextrous)
– Atwood paracord 550 (orange) – storage on the back side


Additionally, there is an EDC belt that also incorporates an Austrialpin Cobra buckle. Wolf Wind Leatherworks also specializes in quality leather knifesheaths for various fixed blade models.

Each belt is custom made to order based on waist size. Available in Dark Brown or USMC Black.

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12 Responses to “Wolf Wind Leatherworks – Wolf Equipment Belt”

  1. Strike-Hold says:

    Very cool! And in keeping with the retro look, the model appears to be wearing a reproduction of a WWII German Mountain Troops Anorak. :-0

  2. Riceball says:

    That is a beautiful looking belt, pity it’s out of my budget range.

    • SSD says:

      Mine too. I’m surprised no one domestically has done something like this.

      • KKS-1 says:

        Same here. I hope someone makes one soon after seeing this. Great looking belt!

    • Mike Nomad says:

      An equipment belt is a bit more than I need, but, the add-ons are way cool. Any reason why a person couldn’t hang the goodies on one of their EDC belts?

      • SSD says:


      • Bushman says:

        There is only one, but significant reason: if you are wearing something long or insulated, especially with backpack, it’s pretty complicated to reach things hanging on your belt, that holds your pants in place.
        And, of course, you can quickly take the whole thing off and put it away or hang it over your shoulder like a bandolier.

        • Mike Nomad says:

          Of course. However, not much call for long and insulated here in the SE Texas, and most of the time, any backpack I am using is riding clear of my waist. My thought was to use one of their EDC belts as an Equipment belt.

  3. Raoul O'Shaugness says:

    I could stand to hear more info about that anorak.

    • Bushman says:

      It looks like German Gebirgsjager anorak M42, hard to say, who made this replica, there are plenty of makers. Personally, I would prefer it in Eichenlaubmuster B camo pattern.

  4. steveb says:

    Hi all: As an American leather crafter, I can share some of the rationale why I personally haven’t made something like this cool, useful and elaborate system.

    1. I’ve never personally had the need for one, so the “need state” is not on my radar

    2. no one has asked me to – so Ive never been challenged with having to design one

    3. its a big investment of time and effort to design and test something like this – see#1

    4. it’d take a bunch of work to find suppliers for all the bits: utility items have to be “just right”

    5. my customer base isn’t calling for things like this

    thats why!


  5. Bill says:

    I’m not sure I could get a holster and mag/speed loader pouch on it.