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X-Caliber System Update – Now Available Through Chiappa Firearms

Chiappa is now offering the X-Caliber Multi-caliber bore insert system coupled with a modernized M6 break action survival rifle.

Even though we first mentioned the X-caliber system in late 2012, we still get emails inquiring about it. Originally offered by Tim Ralston’s GearUp Center, as a stand alone kit, this model from Chiappas is kind of interesting.


It’s an over/under design featuring a rifled .22 LR and smooth bore 12 ga barrels. This gives you a total of 12 different calibers with the the 8 X-caliber steel adapter inserts. That’s the 2 calibers in the M6 along with 8 pistol calibers (.380 , 9 mm, .357Mag/.38SP, .40 S & W, .44 Mag, .45 ACP , .410/.45colt ) and 2 shotgun calibers (.410 and 20 ga).


The M6 was designed originally as a survival rifle for downed USAF aircrews. As I’ve stated, it’s an Over/Under design and it can be bent in half for storage or transportation. Interestingly, it’s cocked via opening the break action and uses double triggers with one for each barrel. The “lever”, or extended trigger guard is used to release the action.


Two things they’ve done to “modernize” the type is to add 3 Mil Std 1913 rails at the receiver and incorporated a molded polypropylene stock. I’m not sold on that component but everything else looks ok. It features an 18.5″ barrel with an overall length of 34.6″ with the stock in place. Stored length is 18.5″.


7 Responses to “X-Caliber System Update – Now Available Through Chiappa Firearms”

  1. Eric B says:

    I like the idea, but I agree with your uncertainty about the foam stock. I imagine with the pistol calibers there wouldn’t be any problems, but with the shotgun calibers I wonder about compression at the butt. I found a closer picture of the M-1 style rear sight and it looks to be molded plastic, but maybe its just the angle of the photo. Oh well, plastic isnt automatically a problem and this IS a survival rifle. I’d like to shoot one someday.

  2. I believe it is plastic. It’s the same as the Chiappa M1 Carbine and takes M1 parts from what I read.

  3. Mike Nomad says:

    There’s enough about my SA M6 that really bugs me, but, this Chiappa is step backwards from that. They get points for trying to keep the concept alive.

    Since 22LR is being mentioned, that means we are talking about both Military and Civilian models. There were four different calibers (five, if you count the prototype):

    .410 / (.45LC)

  4. JonnyV says:

    RUMINT has this @ $750 MSRP….. right ?

  5. Reverend says:

    I’ve always said if S/A took the M6 Scout, made the bottom .410/.454 Casull/.45 Colt, and made the stock a bit sturdier, that would be an awesome thing. Having to keep track of the adapters in a survival situation would be a touch much.

  6. Rob says:

    I think a bit of hook and loop / velcro with a quick tab to secure and protect the shells
    Might help retention of the ammo,
    I recently picked up a little badger and sights are polymer
    A bit delicate however, take care of your gear and it will take of you

  7. Terry says:

    I quite like the look of it, but can’t help but feel a little miffed that it doesn’t fold completely (like the original M6) and the hinged storage compartment of the original was much better than a foam block. That said, if and when someone imports it into Australia, I’ll probably buy one; mostly as it looks to be fairly entertaining.