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FastMag and PMAG in Transformers 3 – Updated

Saturday, July 31st, 2010

We asked for it and we got it. After we reported about the Maxpedition Kodiak Gearslinger in “Inception” we received numerous reports about the FastMag and PMAG being seen on one of the “Transformer 3” stars as it was being filmed in Chicago. This photo, from the Chicago Tribune shows that Amanda Roter, 17, of Highland Park, is happy to pose with “Transformers 3” actor Josh Duhamel during a break in filming Pioneer Court off Michigan Avenue in Chicago.

(Abel Uribe, Chicago Tribune / July 16, 2010)

An intrepid reader sent us these additional photos from the Chicago shoot.

Yes, those are BAE HAPS on the helmets and Blackhawk HPFU.

Split Front FASTRIG 10-4

Sunday, February 21st, 2010

FASTRIG 10-4 from CP Gear

CP Gear has introduced the Split Front FASTRIG 10-4. It is the first piece of load bearing equipment designed around the Gen III FASTMag from ITW Military Products.

FASTRIG 10-4 from CP Gear - Interior

The FASTRIG 10-4 accommodates up to 8 FASTMAGs internally (4 on each side), however the rig can be setup with as little as 2 FASTMAGs (1 per side and included). As you can see from the photo, these two are needed to suspend the weight of the rig. This leaves the exterior clean for modular pouches(3 rows of 10 channel PALS/MOLLE compatible webbing per side). There is also an interior pocket on each side for stowing maps, documents, chem lights, etc.

Available in a variety of color schemes. To order visit


Monday, June 1st, 2009

To clarify a point from our earlier FASTmag coverage, the Gen III will not stack with mil-spec PALS-style attachments. The snaps are too thick to fit through the slot but other FASTmags as well as MALICE clips fit fine.


In the pictures you see the standard Gen II FASTmag (Left) compared to a belt-style Gen III (Right). There are two styles of Gen III, the belt-style as well as a standard PALS compatible version with the ears to tuck under an upper row of PALS to enhance stability. The belt-style has a removable bar that slides along the loops to accommodate various width belts.


Down East changed from the mil-spec MOLLE attaching system to a proprietary synthetic. Also, please notice that they have improved the security of the FASTmag to the point where they feel they could omit the bungie strap from the design.

ITW Fastmag

Tuesday, June 10th, 2008

Three years ago ITW licensed the Fastmag as well as several other designs from Downeast, developers of the MOLLE frame. The first generation of the Fastmag was placed into limited production and proved very popular. However, it quickly became apparent that there was room to mature the design. Many felt that the original version was too wide as it took up too much real estate on a PALS platform. Additionally, engineers at ITW knew that they could enhance the retention of the magazine. Obviously they hit a home run on that one if this video from our friends at MilSpec Monkey is any indication.

There have been many posts online showing the new Fastmag but no one has shown it alongside the earlier version. These photos give you an idea of the many changes made to improve the product.
Fastmag Comparison

Fastmag Rear Comparison

Fastmag Width Comparison

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