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Split Front FASTRIG 10-4

FASTRIG 10-4 from CP Gear

CP Gear has introduced the Split Front FASTRIG 10-4. It is the first piece of load bearing equipment designed around the Gen III FASTMag from ITW Military Products.

FASTRIG 10-4 from CP Gear - Interior

The FASTRIG 10-4 accommodates up to 8 FASTMAGs internally (4 on each side), however the rig can be setup with as little as 2 FASTMAGs (1 per side and included). As you can see from the photo, these two are needed to suspend the weight of the rig. This leaves the exterior clean for modular pouches(3 rows of 10 channel PALS/MOLLE compatible webbing per side). There is also an interior pocket on each side for stowing maps, documents, chem lights, etc.

Available in a variety of color schemes. To order visit www.CPgear.com.

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