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CP Gear – BeerArmour

Tuesday, June 14th, 2016

This might be a little late for Father’s Day but it’s still right on time for the summer.  The BeerArmour from CP Gear is a little armor vest in CADPAT for your Molsen.

Padded and featuring PALS webbing, CP Gear can embroider up to nine characters on the BeerArmour. Also availabke in Woodland, Black and Coyote.


Tactical Field Notebook Covers

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

Every military leader carries a notebook and of late, many prefer the Rite in the Rain brand which now carry NSNs. CP Gear has recently introduced two new Tactical Field Notebook Covers to accommodate the two most popular Rite in the Rain pads.

The smaller of the two is 3″ x 5″ and will fit in the breast or shoulder pocket of the Army Combat Uniform (ACU) coat or Marine Corps Combat Utility Uniform (MCCUU) blouse. It is designed specifically for the Rite in the Rain 3 x 5 spiral bound tactical pocket notebook and features slots for 3 pens. The interior has two 3” wide x 4” tall vinyl windows to retain the notebook and also double as viewing windows for checklists, SOPs, and other aide memoire type documents.

The 4 x 6 Tactical Notebook Cover was designed specifically for the Rite in the Rain 4 x 6 spiral bound tactical pocket notebook. This larger version is designed to fit in the trouser cargo pocket of your uniform. Since it’s bigger, it accommodates 5 pens as well as a larger interior window. It also features velcro to attach a nametape and rank.

Available in Coyote Brown, MultiCam, UCP, and CADPAT TW and AR, you can order the Tactical Field Notebook Covers directly from CP Gear. Both are made in Canada from Cordura nylon, mil-spec webbing and zippers and backed by a 5 year warranty.

Split Front FASTRIG 10-4

Sunday, February 21st, 2010

FASTRIG 10-4 from CP Gear

CP Gear has introduced the Split Front FASTRIG 10-4. It is the first piece of load bearing equipment designed around the Gen III FASTMag from ITW Military Products.

FASTRIG 10-4 from CP Gear - Interior

The FASTRIG 10-4 accommodates up to 8 FASTMAGs internally (4 on each side), however the rig can be setup with as little as 2 FASTMAGs (1 per side and included). As you can see from the photo, these two are needed to suspend the weight of the rig. This leaves the exterior clean for modular pouches(3 rows of 10 channel PALS/MOLLE compatible webbing per side). There is also an interior pocket on each side for stowing maps, documents, chem lights, etc.

Available in a variety of color schemes. To order visit www.CPgear.com.

Stealth Suits

Thursday, January 14th, 2010

Stealth SuitMost of you are used to using waterproof breathable hardshells as an outer layer but snipers have to wear ghillie suits for camouflage purposes and are a bit shy about the accompanying characteristic ‘whish-whish-whish’ noise of nylon outer garments. During the late 1980’s British and Dutch snipers pioneered the use of the ‘Stealth Suit’. Designed as an ultra lightweight waterproof breathable drop-liner garment that was designed to be worn under a ghillie suit or smock during inclement weather for example consider a British Army sniper in a Northern Ireland rural hide. If you think that the concept of the stealth suit is foreign to the US military, they were a component of SOCOM’s Battle Dress System, a forerunner to PCU in the early 1990s.

Our friends at CPGear have brought this concept over to North America with their Canadian made Stealth Jacket and Trousers. Weighing in at an unbelievably light weight of less than 14 ounces and packing down to a compact 3.5” diameter x 8” roll for the jacket, it can be stowed in most 1 quart canteen pouches. Due to its unique nylon tricot Gore tri-laminate construction the stealth suit also tends to be more breathable than garments with a taslan or supplex nylon face. At $140 Cdn for the jacket and trousers each (jacket and trousers sold separately) this is a bargain for a fully seam taped Gore-Tex garment. If you’re a sniper, or recon type with an LRS/LRRP/RSTA organization, the Stealth Suit concept is definitely worth a look. But don’t let that limit you. If you are operating where space and weight are limiting factors, you should consider the Stealth Suit as a replacement for a bulky hardshell. You can slip it on under your uniform and preserve heat as well as keep your body dry.

Those interested can order the Stealth Suit through CPGear.

New Message Checklist Holder from CP Gear

Wednesday, January 6th, 2010

In Commonwealth militaries, the troops use what is called a “Tactical Aide Memoire” or TAM, a sort of checklist on steroids. We have checklists in the US military and some are even standardized, often operation specific but we have never seemed to adopt them to the same level as the other English speaking countries. Additionally, they have the best issue Field Message Pads, built to last and with gridded pages perfect for making sketches and writing out messages. Us? Not so much unless you want to invest your own money.

CP Gear's TAM/FMP Cover

CP Gear has developed a new Field Message Pad holder designed to accept your checklists and notebook and organize them so that you can use them together. That’s right, one setup and you can reference your SOPs and write everything out from one cover. It has a 20 page checklist protector on the exterior (empty checklist sleeve is included), and a zippered notebook cover (notebook not included) sized to fit the green ‘Federal Supply Service Book, Memorandum’ – NSN 7530-00-222-3521 used by so many US personnel. The notebook and checklist book can be accessed independently from one another or at the same time. With this, there is no need to rely on the heavy and bulky ‘Flight Crew Checklist’ used by many for SOP lists like 9 Line Medevac, IED Reports, and so forth.

CP Gear's Field Message Pad Cover

Available in Black, Coyote Brown, UCP, and MultiCam from CP Gear.

CP Gear Christmas Bonus

Friday, November 27th, 2009

In addition to CPGear’s 20% off sale on all Coyote Brown and CADPAT AR pouches and rigs, they’re also offering free shipping on US orders over $50 until December 15th.

20% Off at CP Gear

Thursday, November 5th, 2009

CP Gear Sale Items

Canadian manufacturer CP Gear is holding a 20% sale on branded Coyote Brown and CADPAT AR modular pouches from now until December 15th. For Canadians who are about to head overseas this is a great opportunity to get kitted up and save some cash. Visit www.cpgear.com.

CP Gear’s New Youtube Channel

Saturday, July 25th, 2009

CP Gear has launched a Youtube channel featuring informational videos of ever 50 of their products.

Check it out at www.youtube.com/cpgear.