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AO Small Chest Rig at Brownells

SSD friend Advanced Outfitters worked with High Speed Gear Inc to produce a special ‘small’ chest rig. With just 8 rows across of PALS webbing by 3 high, it is designed to carry just the essentials. In fact, it works perfectly with the HSGI TACO. This ‘small’ design also translates to weight. It weighs less than 12 ounces. It comes with an H-harness for comfort.

Brownells has picked the rig up and it is available in Black and Coyote. Made in USA!


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4 Responses to “AO Small Chest Rig at Brownells”

  1. trailmix says:

    labzero did a great video of the aoscr


    • Bkb477 says:

      Thanks for posting the video link it was really well done and show cased the product well. The photo is trash and didn’t do anything to promote the product, hey brownells why don’t you put more thought into it next time instead of grabbing your janitor and throwing a piece of gear on him. People want to see functionality of the product not just another chest rig on an office dork that has clearly from the photo never worn gear in his whole life.

      • SSD says:

        The worst part is that there was a better photo but it was difficult to grab without writing all over it.

  2. Alan Craig says:

    For $35.00 +/- not bad.

    For the $65.00 Brownells is charging-No thanks.

    The gear people are putting out lately is ridiculously overpriced, just because it has “tactical” slapped in the title, or has Mil/LE application.

    Mfgr’s should be ashamed.