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Mission Outfitters Offering Pro Deal on Powertraveller to SSD Readers


Mission Outfitters is very pleased to offer SSD readers a PRO deal on ALL Powertraveller products for 30 days. To receive this special offer simply log on to, select the Powertraveller products you wish to purchase and then at check out use discount code PRODEAL in the appropriate area at checkout to receive 40% off of MSRP on all Powertraveller Products.

Additionally, Powertraveller, OTE and Mission Outfitters would like to pass their appreciation to all the help of the Military, Extreme Adventure Professionals, Contractors and Industry professionals such as Granite Gear and Princeton Tec for help in the development of some of their new systems and carriage and deployment options.


Powertraveller products offer state-of-the-art design, environmentally friendly lithium polymer storage devices and our polysilicon solar panels offer photovoltaic efficiency up to 17%. Powertraveller products offer power on the go, with all of their storage device being able to be recharged from the sun, car, USB or standard wall outlet. So whether you are frantically searching for an outlet plug at the airport, climbing MT Everest, paddling across the Atlantic solo or jumping out of perfectly good aircraft, Powertraveller products offer element friendly, rugged, durable and affordable options.

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