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Make Ready with Paul Howe – Tactical Drills


This is the fifth instructional video from Paul Howe in the ‘Make Ready’ series. ‘Tactical Drills’ is a concise video featuring the benchmark range drills taught by Paul Howe. Paul is a high-risk training instructor that served 20 years in the US Army, ten of those in Special Operations, including service in battle of Mogadishu that was later portrayed in the motion picture ‘Black Hawk Down.’

Paul takes you step-by-step through drills like the plate rack from a vehicle drill, engaging multiple targets from cover, interior movement drills, line drill, immediate threat drills, forward movement drills, dealing with wounds, 100-7 drill, battlefield weapon recovery, and the granddaddy of all drills – the 500 yard Scrambler.

Panteao is accepting pre-orders for the DVD and expects it to be released in July.

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