Changing The World 5.56mm At A Time



8 Responses to “Changing The World 5.56mm At A Time”

  1. Kaos1213 says:

    Very cool!

  2. John Denny says:

    This one and their DTOM Diamond are very cool, I placed my order yesterday.

  3. Ipkiss says:

    How professional.. 🙁

    • Buckaroomedic says:

      I’m afraid I have to agree. No wonder most of the world’s opinion about American is bad.

      • SSD says:

        It’s no worse than me telling Haitians, “M pale neuf millimetre.” when they asked if I spoke Creole.

  4. Sgt Photo says:

    I think it looks pretty cool. Will be placing an order on those ASAP.

  5. Fastflight71 says:

    Where can I order this patch from?