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‘Tilt-Shift Vol. 1: The Quiet Profession’ On Kickstarter

‘Tilt-Shift Vol. 1: The Quite Profession’ is a graphic novel written by Jose Torres-Cooban with art by Joshua Hood. The 12-issue series details a first-hand account of the actions of Team Galahad through the eyes of combat photographer Specialist Freddie Blythe. The purpose of the series is to shift perspective on the Global War On Terror to those fighting on the front lines and promises to be the closest thing to the full Special Operations experience found in any medium, being written by actual Special Operations combat veterans.

Tilt-Shift is currently up for funding on Kickstarter.

Tilt-Shift also has a Facebook page.

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One Response to “‘Tilt-Shift Vol. 1: The Quiet Profession’ On Kickstarter”

  1. Galaad says:

    My name’s Galaad (It could be write without H also). I appreciate the name of the team Galaad is the knight at the right of King Arthur in the legend and the only one who finish the Gräal Quest, the purest of the knights.

    In english Gala(h)ad is Gilead (many mounts are called Gilead in the US).

    Cheers from France.