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Off The Grid Concepts Has Got You Covered – ALL Of You

Off The Grid Concepts has introduced the Dynamic Intervention Contraceptive Karrier (D.I.C.K.). Sure, it might seem superfluous. That is, until you need a viable safe.

According to OTG – “Knowing that you have the ultimate high speed carrying solution for your most desired safety mechanism should be the best peace of mind you could ask for. When the ladies see this they know you’re a man who means business and one who is financially responsible. So your money is going towards your ammo, not paying for a “negligent discharge.”

Off The Grid Concepts is offering the D.I.C.K. in multiple “mounting” solutions including MOLLE for your “war belt” and a regular belting solution for your “low pro” urban operations. Color options are wide ranging and can include urban camouflage so she doesn’t get apprehensive and see it “coming.”

Make sure you protect that money shot when engaged in CQB (close quarters body) shooting situations!



9 Responses to “Off The Grid Concepts Has Got You Covered – ALL Of You”

  1. Flight-ER-Doc says:

    Mrs. Flight-ER-Doc asks: “Why is there only one in the pouch?”

    I guess they need to develop a stacked pouch system….or one that holds a full magazine’s full.

  2. Metalhead2508 says:

    Do they have a Magnum series for the anatomically gifted individuals? I won’t be purchasing it myself….unless they make a micro version….. : \

  3. CapnTroy says:

    If only OSOE would put PALS on their Fleshlight pouch, I could keep all the essentials mounted together…

  4. Sal Palma says:

    Hahahaha!!!!! That is too much. Put that on the stocking stuffer list(no pun intended)

  5. Chris says:


    As a Viking team strike commander back in 1010, I would ensure all team were carrying… but, really, now?

  6. Now that what you call giving a fuck 🙂

  7. Weaver says:

    It’s about someone came up with a system to allow a guy to rapidly and efficiently go to MOPP Level 5.