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BHI Introduces New Defensive Pistol Course for SOF

Blackheart International developed their Defensive Pistol Course specifically for special operations personnel who are deployed to high-risk areas (individually or in small teams) devoid of regular military presence or support, and who require a low profile as part of their Force Protection Plan. As such, their individual posture is not that of a standard kinetic deployment. This course is designed to train the student on tactics to be utilized by SOF operators in high-threat areas where full kit cannot be worn due to the high profile generated by the use of such operational gear as body armor, long guns and helmets.

This is a five-day course which covers the following:

• Proper wear and use of concealed carry equipment (e.g. holsters, mag pouches, low-profile body armor, etc.), discussion of the various types of equipment available, and the ability to train with multiple rigs.

• Basic concealed carry shooting skills, drawing from concealed carry, shooting, remedial and immediate action, and tactical and combat reloading.

• Threat response in a real-world environment; responding with a concealed weapon and fighting to a designated area (e.g. a vehicle or a long gun); Hard-pointing a structure with minimal personnel and equipment. Training includes scenario-based live-fire evolutions, with full debriefs of each scenario provided by the instructor staff.

• Scenarios also include responding to threats that arise in normal situations that a SOF operator may find himself in (e.g. engaged in a meeting with host nation personnel, contact while driving a non-tactical vehicle or responding to a flash mob or multiple assailants.

• Threat recognition and positive identification of potential threats prior to engaging.

• Medical briefing covering treatment of gunshot trauma.

The main emphasis of the training focuses on the operator’s ability to respond quickly and correctly to a scenario that rapidly escalates from a low-stress to a high-stress situation requiring the immediate and/or sustained use of force.

Course includes necessary holsters and equipment. BHI can modify this course to your specific unit needs.

Course length: 5 days Minimum students: 5 Maximum students: 8



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