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GSS Giving Away Medford Knife

In honor of reaching 3000 ‘likes’ on Facebook, GSS Gear is giving away a Medford Knife & Tool TFF-3. It’s a sleek, yet sturdy, take on Greg’s beast folding knives. Like all of his folders it features a low part count and it’s incredibly easy to care for. This thing has a titanium solid scale, an aluminum lock scale, custom titanium hardware, and the blade is NP3 coated D2. This tool is meant to resist corrosion from even salt water! You can get to work and when it’s dirty you can literally wash it in the sink. It has an ambi thumb stud that turns out, can also be used as a bottle opener. The knife they are giving away is one of only a hundred made. $150 from each knife went to the families of the fallen men from the helicopter crash 8/6/2011 through the Navy League. The knives GSS bought bought are not stamped X/100 because these knives are meant to be used! Sure, a limited edition knife can be put in a case or drawer, but there’s too much utility in this knife to let it sit around.

How do you own this fantastic knife? Simple, you must like the giveaway post on Facebook, comment on the post, and share the post. You must also like GSS gear and make sure your likesshares are viewable to others or else we won’t know!

On Monday October 15th GSS Gear select a random name from those that liked/comment/reposted and award them a pocket full of awesome.


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