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A.D.S. Ventures And The 132 Group Announce New Strategic Partnership

A.D.S. Ventures, a public policy, communications and business development firm based in Boston, MA and Washington, D.C., has announced a strategic partnership with the 132 Group, a Virginia Beach based defense consulting group that opens new channels to market for clients, identifies key suppliers, and brings new products to the field.

I’m very familiar with both companies and they have a lot to offer on their own. I’m actually excited to see how this new partnership will benefit industry. You are combining the experience of A.D.S. Ventures specializing in legislative and business engagement with technical expertise of the 132 Group. For companies looking to engage the market in new ways this is a dynamite combination.

A.D.S. Ventures and the 132 Group will leverage their unique skill sets for current and prospective clients, giving them access to new services, and assisting them on virtually every aspect of the product development, funding and market fielding process. Together, they can help companies with product testing, end-user feedback, solicitation responses, grant opportunities, public-private partnerships, business introductions, public policy analysis, coalition building, strategic communications plans and will have spokesperson capabilities available if appropriate. This unique model draws upon the existing strengths, backgrounds and reputations of both organizations.

“It’s a truly unique model that brings together the best of what our companies offer. In a tight economy with uncertain defense budgets, our clients need consultants who understand every aspect of their business and can be fully integrated as part of their team if they hope to develop new technologies, and leverage DoD, federal, state and most importantly, end-user support,” said Chet Atkins, Founder and President of A.D.S. Ventures.

“Our work is complimentary, and this partnership enhances the offering we present to clients within this space. Our goal of providing top quality services to companies working with federal agencies and the DoD remains at the forefront and will only be strengthened by this relationship.” said the 132 Group Founder and President, Bill Jarvis. “Beyond that, it helps us all to better understand the dynamics and challenges clients are facing. I look forward to working with the A.D.S. Ventures team to bring great companies into new markets and get top-quality products into the field. We are excited about this partnership and look forward to a new and very productive relationship.”

The 132 Group was founded in 2011 by Bill Jarvis, a former member of the US Special Operations Community, with the goal of increasing capabilities for our men and women in uniform and enhancing opportunities for those industry partners striving to better serve them. The company helps clients navigate through Department of Defense (DoD) product testing, development and contracting protocols, and utilizes an extensive network of specialized former end-users to ultimately field technologies prioritized by various service branches with the DoD.

A.D.S. Ventures was founded in 1993 by former Congressman Chet Atkins. While in office, Chet was actively engaged in working with DoD to support the needs of soldiers and professional users through investment in improved equipment and uniforms. Over the last 20 years, A.D.S. Ventures has developed a core public policy, communications and business development competency in the fields of domestic manufacturing, personal protective equipment, uniforms and technologies for the DoD, as well as other federal agencies.

“This joint effort will make the value proposition for A.D.S. Ventures and the 132 Group that much stronger,” said Spokewoman for A.D.S. Ventures, Alissa Southworth. “It will enable us to assist in nearly every significant stage of a company’s process as they work to integrate a technology into the field.”

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