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MDM – Ontario Knives


Under development, the PJ Crash Axe is a modification of the SPAX which is a rescue tool that has seen wide spread use in DoD. The Crash Axe has a longer handle for increased leverage. Additionally, they’ve increased the cutting surface.


Featuring Black micarta handle, they’ve also incorporated a can opener-style cutter in the butt of the Axe. It’s a utilitarian tool that is well suited to breaching, rescue, as well as camp chore applications.


The Automatic Rescue Knife is an automatic design developed for the Coast Guard. It features a proprietary blade design that is similar to an eagle claw style but with a safety entry tip. The blade also integrates both standard cutting and serrations. Additionally, there is a glass breaker in the butt of the handle.


Ontario Knives now incorporates an open spine system into their folders. It means no trapped water or other debris gunking up the knife. You can use a weapon cleaning brush or just a quick blow and it’s clean.


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