GORE-TEX Professional

Free Lead Implants Courtesy of STS

According to Specialized Tactical Systems, their SWAG is made from material forged by Spartan Elves. When given to Leonidus and his Legionairs, He proclaimed: “This shirt will make us immortal and empowered with pure awesomeness.” It turned out that he was absolutely correct and there has since been a movie called “300” made about Him and his Awesomeness.

Available in Black, Military Heather Green, Chocolate Brown, Sand, Dark Heather Gray and White, sizes Small – XXLarge.



4 Responses to “Free Lead Implants Courtesy of STS”

  1. Zig Zag says:

    And does the t-shirt also instill in those who wear it the same desire for institutionalized homosexual pedophilia as the Spartans, long a symbol of Western Civilization’s concept of what a warrior is, had?

    • Toby says:

      Woah there, no need to get all serious, this is just a bit of fun…

    • Jack says:

      And does your internet name also instill in those who see it the same desire for recreational drug use as the Potheads, long a symbol of Hippy Civilization’s concept of what a stoner is, had?