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Powertraveller Assists Hurricane Sandy Victims

When natural disasters like Hurricane Sandy strike it is very important to be prepared in many ways. Oftentimes, we overlook being electronically prepared. In this high tech age of smart phones, tablets, and other portable devices, help, assistance and information can just be a quick touch or click away. “This could not be closer to the truth” said US Army Veteran Curt Brockel of Pennsylvania who has been out of power now for days. Curt has relied on his smartphone and iPad to communicate with his family throughout this unfortunate disaster. Even without normal shore power Curt has been able to rely on his Powertraveller Extreme and Powergorilla to keep himself, and his family, charged up. Not only that but he was able to visit those around his immediate area and loan the devices out to neighbors and friends so they could all keep charged up and connected during these difficult times. “It is very important to be prepared for natural disasters and emergencies, having a means of storing energy and to harness more, naturally could be the difference between life and death” Curt stated.

Powertraveller solar products utilize special MPPT technologies which allow their panels and storage devices to store energy even during low light conditions. Additionally, their battery storage devices many of which are IP65 and 67 rated utilize state of the art environmentally friendly lithium polymer technologies to store and manage the power.

Powertraveller products are used by many of today’s warfighters on the battlefield to keep their devices powered up and running. Now we see Powertraveller come to the aid of hurricane victims by dispatching devices to be handed out to victims and aid workers alike.



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One Response to “Powertraveller Assists Hurricane Sandy Victims”

  1. Great looking product not only for super-storms but for soldiers too – surely these products should be used across the army to solve the #1 soldier systems challenge – power sources? I know that this will be a huge topic of discussion at this event in DC in January: http://bitly.com/R8uuv0