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Hill People Gear Prairie Belt and Ute Pack

It’s full speed ahead at Hill People Gear where they continue to expand their back country living system.

Two upcoming products are the Prairie Belt and Ute Pack.


According to HPG, the Prairie Belt is a nod to the prairie belts of old worn by the US Cavalry.


Just one look at it and you’ll see that it is a backpack waist belt. But it includes PALS and they also designed it for use as a war belt.


Interestingly, the belt can be rigged as a safety harness and they are considering integrating a sit harness kit. It will be offered in will be available in small, medium, and large sizes in ranger, foliage, and coyote.


The Ute Pack takes its name from “the brothers to the bear” who ranged from the front slope of the Colorado Rockies out into the desert wilderness of the Colorado Plateau in eastern Utah. Like the Ute, the pack is highly adaptable, carrying loads from 20 to over 60 pounds. Consequently, it is highly compressible.


It will come equipped with a Prairie Belt and features an internal frame consisting of a frame sheet and dual aluminum stays.


Both products are coming soon.



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