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HAPO Package Deal from SORD

Australian manufacturer SORD is offering a package deal for their HAPO Rig. Designed for use by freefallers, it’s meant to be worn like a battle bra and features a joey pouch for 3 x 30RD shingles or can be closed up when not required. The commander panel is designed to be opened once under canopy with a Magellan GPS pouch inside the panel in a see-thru plastic pouch as well as spaces for glow-sticks as well as a map pocket. The ensemble comes with a radio pouch and webbing loops in the shoulders so antenna and the comms cord can be routed through the webbing and secured during free fall. As part o fthe package deal, they’ve included an essential bit of kit, the hook knife combo and armour carrier bag so you can stow all your equipment together when you leave the DZ.

The whole kit and caboodle comes with –
1 x HAPO Rig
3 x 30RD Shingle
1 x Commander Panel HAPO.
1 x Magellan GPS pouch see-thru
1 x Rigger Belt
1 x Hook knife combo
1 x Armour carry bag



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