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Combat Humidor

Just because you are deployed doesn’t mean that you have to give up the finer things in life. With that in mind comes Combat Humidor.


Apparently, the first Combat Humidor was created in November 2008 by Marine Corps Capt Boris Levin for his deployment to Iraq. He built a cedar box inside of a .50 caliber ammo can which accompanied him on 36 patrols in HMMWV’s, MRAPS, and MTVR 7 Ton in Nukhayb and Basra, Iraq. Over the next few years, Combat Humidors were given to several Marines which they took on deployments to Afghanistan, Oman, Ghana, Senegal, Haiti, Kuwait, and Iraq.

According to Combat Humidors they construct their two-layer, airtight creations in Wilmington, NC from the best quality Spanish cedar and military ammunition cans. Spanish cedar is utilized in the construction of cigar humidors around the world primarily because it has a neutral aroma that does not transfer its fragrance on to cigars within its confines. It is lightweight, aromatic wood that has an excellent resistance to wood-boring insects, and rot-resistance outdoors. The exterior of the Combat Humidor is an M13 7.62×51 linked ammo can that has been stripped of any surface rust, sprayed with Rustoleum primer and painted coyote desert tan with a slight rough texture to recreate US military vehicles in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Combat Humidors specializes in customer creations so contact them to have a personalized version made for you or a loved one.



3 Responses to “Combat Humidor”

  1. Big Red One - Ramadi says:

    Excellent marketing!

  2. Leo says:

    This is a great! Why didn’t I ever think about this?

  3. Hi, this is Boris from Combat Humidor and I approve this message! This is a great piece of gear for veterans, hikers, campers, golfers, deploying military, cops, anyone, and Chuck Norris. The Combat Humidor is the Chuck Norris of Humidors, its America and its Badass!