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Preserving the Second Amendment – Gun Owners: Like It Or Not, We’re All In This Together

Over the next few days SSD will be posting items from industry professionals that we hope will inform and spark discussion on the Second Amendment of the Constitution. This second article is from USMC Veteran Paul Buffoni, owner of Bravo Company USA.

Please share this information on your FaceBook page in the hope that other folks in the “I support the 2nd Amendment, but don’t want people to have AR15 rifles” crowd get a better real understanding of the issues at stake.

If we don’t get these folks involved and on our side, the 2nd Amendment will eventually be completely eroded. There is so much misinformation put out there by the gun-grabbers and then repeated by the media. Let’s take a moment to clear up some of that misinformation.

1) Civilian AR-15 rifles are NOT the same automatic weapons the Military has. The military has fully automatic weapons. Civilian AR-15s in production today do NOT. They shoot one shot per trigger pull, just like a semi auto hunting rifle. I know often the when the media makes commentary they show B-roll video in the background of a machine gun shooting and spraying, but that is not how civilian AR-15 rifles operate.

2) Civilian AR-15 rifles (or similar) has the same type of internals as your semi auto deer rifle. Civilian type “assault” rifles function the exact same way as deer hunting rifles. They just look different.

3) Even the term “assault” rifle is gun grabber sensationalism parroted by the media. “Assault” weapons are fully automatic (select fire), and they have been heavily regulated since the 1930s, and civilian manufacturer has been completely outlawed almost 30 years ago!!

4) ”AK-47s” have already been banned from manufacture from civilians, also almost 30 years ago. Again the civilian look-a-like rifles have the same type of semi auto internals as your hunting rifle. Different cosmetics, same type of mechanics.

5) An AR15 (or similar) is NOT a “high powered rifle”. I guess it depends on what you want to categorize as “high power”, but these rifles shoot some of the smallest rifle cartridges in the market. Deer rifles are a LOT more powerful than any of these rifles. And soon the gun-grabbing crowd will recategorize your deer rifle as a “high powered sniper rifle”. That is how this political movement works.

6) A hunting shotgun is a LOT more lethal in these close quarter mass killings of unarmed innocent people than any semi auto rifle. Anyone with extensive firearms training and experience will confirm that.

The politicians know these new laws will NOT stop these types of mass killings. They even admit it! But they want to pass them anyway because it serves their greater mission of effectively neutering the second amendment. The leaders in this movement actually DON’T WANT these laws to work (even if they would) because when they are shown ineffective, they now have the political momentum to pass more ineffective laws, and grab more guns.

This is all part of a broader gun grab, done slowly, in increments, over time, until the Second Amendment is just a bunch of meaningless outdated words on an old piece of parchment.

When a sociopath chooses that shotgun or hunting rifle in the next horrific event, you are the legislature’s next target.

The philosophy of “We need to pass more laws to stop sociopathic criminals from breaking our laws” is effective because most Americans are not really paying attention to these details. (Please read that line twice) Please help to educate the public with this information.

Also it should be noted, the 2nd Amendment has NOTHING to do with hunting, fishing, competitive shooting, “sporting purposes”, racquet ball, swimming, camping, etc. The 2nd Amendment (and the entire Bill of Rights) is to preserve a balance of power between the citizens and their government.

-Paul Buffoni
Bravo Company USA


15 Responses to “Preserving the Second Amendment – Gun Owners: Like It Or Not, We’re All In This Together”

  1. J Whitesell says:

    I agree with your point on the regulatory framework not focusing on caliber, internal workings etc. That will not work.

    Your last point is the one I don’t get, “the balance of power between government and the citizen”. What gun are you and an unregulated militia going to acquire to fight the American military machine? Presumably the argument is that if the government oversteps their bounds then you as a citizen can rise against them with armed insurrection? How would you actually win if you resorted to force?

    • The Stig says:

      Eh, perhaps he can ask the goatfckers in Afghanistan what they use. Seems to be working well for them. First the soviets and now the US and NATO allies. Or, maybe he can ask the Vietnamese how they did it?

      I always get a kick out of this response to the 2A. I mean, if, and that’s a far-out ‘if,’there was some armed rebellion, I don’t think the rebels (patriots?) would line up in blaze orange uniforms and fire volleys at tanks.

      • Bobbydavro says:

        The afghan fighters now tend to use sniper dragnov/ bolt action lee Enfield smle .303 rifles and explosive devices but are becoming more adept at using ugl type weapons Soldiers who do come under automatic fire don’t tend to flap about it because 99 times out of 100 it’s ineffective But you hear one crack and fuck do you get down

        • Bobbydavro says:

          P.S the Vietnamese were to all intents and purposes an army fighting an unconventional war that’s why they were called the NVA
          On the afghans they were and are being heavily funded and trained by outside agency’s (80’s-us and uk/ 2000-current Pakistan and Iran )

  2. jrexilius says:

    Very well written piece. Simple and clear.

  3. Chris says:

    J Whitesell: reference the American Revolution to answer your question.

    • Bobbydavro says:

      One big difference you’ll be killing you’re own people ( see civil war ) and this generation of combat troops have more experience and tactics for fighting an unconventional war than any other the only army that has seen more is the British army having fought a non conventional conflict in NI for over 40 years The revolution is history think about the future

  4. Mike says:

    Amen, Paul

  5. BradKAK308 says:

    Your are correct Paul. You are an Armourer like me, so I know for a fact what you are getting at. But the public who aren’t as educated just look at the surface. Black not a good colour choice? Get a show on public tv to educate people on all the facts. Show them so they understand.

  6. Joe says:

    I agree 100% with you Paul. But I think we need to take this a step farther. Machine guns, SBR’s, “Assault Weapons/ Rifles”, and dangerous devices have indeed been unconstitutionally regulated since 1934. As armaments and technology have advanced, how exactly would the good citizens and well regulated militia defend the country against foreign invasion without the above said weaponry??? Hunting rifles may be good at defending the farm or stopping city rioters, but try taking on a T-72 main battle tank with a Rem 700 and let me know how that works out for you.
    Granted we have a very powerful and effective military, we also have a very organized professional press/media. Does this mean the free exchange of ideas through internet blogs and independent media should be banned because the corporate media is doing such a good un-biased job of informing us? No of course not. Should there be limits on what weapons state militas and private citizens possess? I think a practical and common sense limit would be nuclear weapons. Aside from that no not really. Our government controls dang near every aspect of us, the people “from the cradle to the grave”. Bottom line lets quit pandering to the ignorant minority, the un-common sense crowd and educate people.

  7. Paul – well said my friend

    Proud to call you a friend and to have you as a sponsor of my show TacTV

  8. Mark says:

    The US and international press is the IO branch of the enemy. We have to “turn” some of them, and develop a serious IO plan of our own.

  9. Doug says:

    Great statement.

    Mr. Buffoni should do a video of him reading it and post it on his channel on you tube.

    Many of the uninitiated will watch a brief clip more than reading through a statement that they stop reading. It allows us to like and share on our own social media sites.

    We need to put faces to this message in a professional manner with the experts in the field that give credibility to our arguments over the misinformation presented by the press.

    I would like to see all the top people in the industry do the same. Mr Vickers would be another example of a man with integrity and expertise to put facts out through video.

  10. Rene says:

    Well said and THANK YOU to all our Veterans and our TROOPS.Merry Christmas to all.