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Caption This Photo for a Chance to Win a Boogie Regulator+Strap Kit from Smith Elite

Smith Elite is giving away a Boogie Regulator+Strap Kit to a witty SSD reader. We’re looking for a caption for the USAF photo.


To enter for your chance to win:

In the comments section of THIS article on SSD (and nowhere else) caption this photo. Remember, post in comments section of THIS article on SSD. The best caption by vote of staff wins.

Contest ends at 2359Z on New Year’s Day, 1 January, 2013.

One caption per entry but enter as often as you’d like.

Use any nom de guerre you desire but use your real email address as we will use it to contact the winners to request your shipping address.

Unclaimed prizes will be redistributed.

Void Where prohibited.

Good luck and Happy New Year from Smith Optics Elite Division and SSD!


269 Responses to “Caption This Photo for a Chance to Win a Boogie Regulator+Strap Kit from Smith Elite”

  1. Pete says:

    “In the Air Force not only do you get to straddle each other but you get paid to do it!”

  2. Tracker6 says:

    “I said DON’T fuck your buddy!”

  3. Keld says:

    Male bonding, the cool way

  4. Nik says:

    I’m a pony! I’m a pony!

  5. JonE says:

    We’re going home!

  6. deadcat says:

    So is this where all the cool kids hang out?

  7. Mike B. says:

    “To infinity.. and beyond!”

  8. Y.T. says:

    If you tell my wife about this I’ll kill you.

  9. a u says:

    I will leave when I have your wounded!

  10. This years USAF Christmas Twister finals reached an all new “High”

  11. ak says:

    Didn’t realize until now that when captain said budget cuts are going to cramp our style, he meant literally.

  12. Stretch says:

    Are you sure they can’t see my freckle….?

  13. ak says:

    Don’t ask, and DEFINITELY DON’T TELL.

  14. Dave says:

    Love is in the air.

  15. ak says:

    Don’t ask and DEFINITELY DON’T TELL

  16. Matt says:

    Sign up for the Airforce they said. It will be air conditioned offices and leather chairs they said.

  17. gean says:

    two’s up on the ride up

  18. Brian says:

    Hey, I can see my CHU from here.

  19. Pete says:

    Are you sure this is how we get into the “Mile High” club?

  20. Pete says:

    “Awww man I knew I shouldn’t have mexican last night.”

  21. Keith L says:

    That better be your Letherman tool I feel.

  22. Ric says:

    “Man! Am I glad to see you!” “Yeah, I bet you are. I can just feel it.”

  23. Nicholas Byers says:

    Second Lt. Kendrick Passey and Staff Sgt. Craig Patterson, both assigned to the 38th Rescue Squadron, get hoisted to an HH-60 Pave Hawk helicopter during a training mission at Avon Park Air Force Range, Fla., Dec. 12, 2012. The Airmen took part in a medical evacuation where they assisted members of the 823rd Base Defense Squadron after an ambush. (U.S. Air Force photo/Staff Sgt. Jamal D. Sutter)

  24. craig says:

    that had BETTER be an emergency flare in your pocket, or i am tossing you outta that chopper!

  25. CPT Obvious says:

    Elevator Up!

  26. Rob says:

    USAF: Where cutting edge soldier systems impacts the battlefield

  27. H says:

    Special forces strippers lapdancing while winching

  28. Keith L says:

    Yes Sir, doughnuts secured

  29. Josh Gordon says:

    “So that’s what the PLB button does. Who puts a test button by the REAL button anyways..”

  30. Matt says:

    At 2013 SHOT Show, TacticalBuddy will release a Multicam version of their popular crotch-mounted Nut2Nut Battle Buddy. The N2NBB can be attached using Malice clips (not provided) to ensure that there’s always someone there to check you for ticks and warm up your sleeping bag. Advance orders not yet being taken.

  31. Josh says:

    My first unicorn ride.

  32. Jeff says:

    “Some people carpool to work in a Prius, Pararescue Jumpers carpool to work in a Pavehawk.”

  33. DI says:

    Dude, you give the best lap dance!

  34. Keith L says:

    Now that’s how you play a par 4

  35. JohnnyB says:

    Hi-ho trooper – AWAY!

  36. Matt H says:

    Next time, we’re driving!

  37. jack says:

    Fly into the light….

  38. jack says:

    follow your guardian angels

  39. will says:

    where’d you say you learned to play paddy cake at?

  40. Haji says:

    Beats workin’ for a livin’.

  41. GRIM says:

    “Wutcha thinkin’ about?”

    “I dunno, helicopters and stuff…”

  42. Brian Stark says:

    “So that others may live…”

  43. Matthew flynn says:

    Hey buddy, help me pull this helicopter’s tampon out!

  44. Toadjumper says:

    “This is not what I pictured when I was asked if I wanted to ride share to work.”

  45. Steve Fraser says:

    Dude, this is NOT the time for a combat boner.

  46. S1 says:

    Floor jack is broken. We have to do this the hard way.

  47. DGR says:

    Get pictures of doing badass manly stuff they said…..

  48. JG says:

    “What happens during a deployment, STAYS in the deployment, agreed?”

  49. Roy says:

    Giddy up, Go!

  50. steve says:

    It’s not gay if you’re airborne.