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Daniel Defense Torture Test II Premiers Tonight on TAC-TV

Tonight is the premier of TAC-TV’s Torture Test II episode where LAV puts the Daniel Defense DDM4v1 through its paces.

Baselining everything off of last year’s show, they did some crazy stuff to that gun and I was on hand to witness it. Sure, it’s beyond mil=spec but Daniel Defense volunteered for it and was willing to live with the consequences whatever they may be. They froze it, shot it, buried it, drug it behind a truck and blew it up. To find out how it fared, make sure to watch TAC-TV tonight for the premier.

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6 Responses to “Daniel Defense Torture Test II Premiers Tonight on TAC-TV”

  1. Bob Blackburn says:

    Great episode, also great to put a name to a face. (Talking about SSD’s editor)

    • SSD says:

      I have not seen it. I showed up and they start interviewing me. It was pretty funny.

  2. Kramerica says:

    I just can’t believe that Larry put a filthy gun on an Arc’teryx jacket. Happy New Year.

  3. John says:

    Why don’t they ever pull the charging handle back when it is underwater or still laying in the mud? Show me how reliable it really is. . . .

  4. John

    Because that is not realistic – when would that ever be done in the real world ?