The Officer Survival Initiative Launches New Sons Trauma Kit by Phokus Research

The Officer Survival Initiative (OSI) is partnering with Phokus Research Group, to make the revolutionary Sons Trauma Kit available to the law enforcement and civilian markets.

Sons Trauma Kit

The Sons Trauma Kit was originally designed by a US Navy SEAL and has been strenuously tested and combat-proven over the past two years in Iraq and Afghanistan. Designed and engineered for maximum efficiency, the innovative Sons Trauma Kit eliminates bulky medical pouches by fitting easily, securely and comfortably behind medium ballistic plates, underneath concealable armor, or in hydration packs or sleeves. The Sons Trauma Kits are packed in heavy-duty medical-grade vinyl and pressure sealed with RF welded seams. The kits feature a patent pending pull-tab and “rip-cord” for quick deployment and contents are designed around injury patterns in order of priority for battlefield or gunshot wound trauma treatment. Custom kitting for agencies and groups is also available through OSI.

For OSI’s complete lineup of IFAKs, including the Sons Trauma Kit, please visit

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