Chris Costa on the Second Amendment

We are posting many pro-Second Amendment statements. Please take a moment to read this statement from professional firearms trainer Chris Costa. He would also like you to watch this video http://vimeo.com/52009124. He says, “I agree the vid is long but it explains 50 years. 90 min’s is worth my country.”

Over the last few weeks it has been difficult to contain and reconcile emotions with the amount of biased information and misinformation that has been disseminated over the last few months, even years, by the media. If any of my comments come across as callous or insincere, I ask in advance that you please accept my apologies, and know whole-heartedly that my intentions are not to offend.

As many of you know, my family has a proud tradition of serving this great country of ours. My father, as well as his father before him, proudly served in our armed forces. As a young man, I looked up to my father and grandfather, and following their tradition, I too proudly served my country. As a proud Patriot I understand the obligation and commitment of sacrifice for the greater good. Men and women from all walks of life proudly serve this great country of ours, both in times of peace and in times of war, because they fight for the values and beliefs in which this great country was founded. Their sacrifice, laid upon the altar of freedom, was made so that “the right of the people” should be preserved and cherished; not systematically stripped away.

I have four children of my own that I love very much. As a father, it is my proud duty and obligation to protect them. My parents made sure they provided me more than they ever had as children growing up. As a united country, if we are not careful, our children run the inherent risk of having far less and harder times. As a country, it is our duty and a human obligation to protect our neighbor or those who cannot protect themselves.

I believe the linked video below will, in some small way, shed light on the issues this country is facing in addition to our Second Amendment battles. We need to stand together now, or we run the risk losing the greatest nation on earth. I ask that you please watch this ninety minute film, and open your mind to what is plausible. Hopefully this allows you to objectively draw your own conclusion on the issues of medical, education, natural recourse and the economy currently facing our country.

I alone have forty-one thousand followers on Facebook, of which, behind that are over 12 million people that can possibly be reached if the message is passed. One person alone can’t make the difference, and collectively we have to realize that our future and the future of our children are at risk. Many of the issues currently encroaching on our second amendment rights are many of the same hurdles that influence a bigger picture.

-Chris Costa


12 Responses to “Chris Costa on the Second Amendment”

  1. White Rabbit says:

    Dear all,

    Switzerland, like many other countries, has a constitution based on your very own. Accordingly, like in the US, many of us still remember its meaning, and vividly so.

    Now, by way of introduction as well as to poke the bear, I must say that I, as well as other like-minded Swiss, am against professional armies as well as, to an extent, police forces. My personal belief is that there is something wrong in a society that relies on hired members to fight its battles. (Nota bene: if, at this point, you think that I am criticising US military and law enforcement personnel; think again.)

    That being said, whether you agree with the aforementioned statement or not, something has been happening in Switzerland for the past decades which should confirm the worries many of you have.

    Indeed, our political left has been relentlessly attacking our version of the “right to bear arms” by trying to suppress our militia system.

    Paradoxically, there is no other institution in Switzerland which, temporarily, puts 18 year old at the same level, empowering them, not only with the right to vote, yet also with a rifle and, more importantly, the training going alongside the weapon. (1)

    So why, out of all political parties, the left would want to get rid of such an institution? The answer is simple. Despite its rhetoric, the left, never, ever, has been about The People.

    As far as I am concerned, Alexander Solzhenitsyn had the answer when he wrote that “… equality inevitably implies the use of force”. (2) And, indeed, we all are unequal.

    Accordingly, an armed citizenry, free to make its own choices, is any form of imposition’s worst nightmare.

    So, by all means, arm everyone, but more importantly, *train* everyone.

    (1) Switzerland is a bit of “European” cultural exception: while monarchs prohibited their citizens to bear arms across Europe, the opposite was, and still is, true of the Swiss Confederation. From the late fifteenth century onwards, the cantons (i.e. states) compelled their citizens to arm themselves under penalty of fine.

    (2) Solzhenitsyn, A., Warning to the Western World (The Bodley Head and British Broadcasting Corporation: 1976), p. 43.

  2. White Rabbit says:

    Interesting video by the way.

    But some parts… let’s say that I hope ya’ll take that video with a grain of salt.

  3. Dan says:

    Objectivity is hard if all you ever hear is one side’s opinion. The flow chart of evil really helps (40 min in). The points in the documentary are targeted to incite fear. History is turned into a weapon as it usually is, and everything is polarized. Of course, according to this documentary (which, granted, exhibits good research), my opinion is moot since I was born in ’93 and I am the product of the “Progressive” education in California.
    There can be no debating the documentary because anyone who disagrees with one point has their words and opinions twisted into some form of evil. Christianity somehow becomes the greatest thing on earth, not the Constitution which drew inspiration from the bible but built a wall to separate the church from the state. Christianity alone stands between the ignorant fools working to advance the communist agenda and not the people.
    I believe Costa was sincere in his opinion presented above, and that Costa is a man worthy of respect, but he could have spared everyone 90 minutes by simply writing how he feels it all ties in rather than link to a video that spews hate and judgment. The written word has power, and Costa has demonstrated that he can express himself.
    If I took anything from the video he referenced it is that Americans should stand up and voice their opinions. Too many sit back and fail to communicate for fear of ridicule. Too many fail to communicate with their government; I myself have failed to do so and I realize this now. As part of becoming an Eagle Scout I had to write to my representative and chose the easy route of email. I never got a response back and now realize that I made a mistake in using the simplest form of communication. A phone call can slip through one ear and out the other, but a letter will sit there until read or thrown away, and since they want your vote someone will read it. So thank you Costa for asking me to watch the documentary that polarizes so many of today’s issues and turns everything into a fight between good and evil, you have reminded me what it is to be an American free to express one’s thoughts.

  4. Michael E. says:

    Thank You for sharing Chris!

  5. Josh R says:

    Videos like this are a symptom of the cultural conservatism that lost us the last election and turns many potential allies away from RKBA. Why should my commitment to individuality and freedom also imply a Christian, anti-intellectual worldview?

    My commitment to individual liberty means I oppose taxation, large government, paternalistic restrictions on personal choices, etc., but why does that put me in a group with those who oppose gay marriage, science and abortion? Don’t even get me started on the “legitimate rape” BS.

    We need to jettison cultural conservatism if personal liberty is to remain relevant and we want to build a society that starts with respect for the individual.

  6. Big Red One - Ramadi says:

    A video worth watching.
    Thanks Chris Costa

  7. Ross says:

    Video is worth the watching, thank you Mr. Costa.

  8. jonny says:

    Thank you Chris.

  9. Hank says:

    Supporting the second amendment… LIKE A BOSS. Good stuff Mr. Costa

  10. 512 says:

    Not only is the writing on this piece fake, I find it insulting how little the author seems to really care about this subject.

    How many times does he say “proud”? Note how the author goes out of his way to repeatedly emphasize his service (I notice he stopped saying Coast Guard Special Operations though his website still claims he served in the Middle East) and finally, he has to end it by turning it into an advertisement, dropping his demographics numbers in a pathetic attempt to turn this into a pay out for himself.

    In all fairness to Chris, having spent time working with him in the past, this doesn’t even sound like him. Chris is not a bad guy but my guess is one of his employees wrote it for him. But it comes across lacking even the sincerity of the Yeager videos, which despite being very emotional at least came from the heart (say what you want about James, but this issue strikes at his core).

    Also agree with Josh R. I want the government to protect my rights, not to take them away. That includes protecting the rights of gay people, prioritizing science over fantasy, a woman’s right to make decisions about her body and have fair treatment in the workplace.


  11. Russell says:

    Great Job…!!

  12. Tom says:

    Wow thats funny last I checked the majority of founding fathers hated Christianity and you can look it up yourself. “This would be the best of all possible worlds, if there were no religion in it.” -Thomas Jefferson.