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Ruger Wants You to Take Action Now!

I think this speaks for itself and right now, we need our voices to be heard. Especially today. Tomorrow, the Vice President will unveil his recommendations for firearms restrictions. But, the administration needs Congress to buy in on their plans. Let your legislators know how you feel. Thank you Ruger for being a positive voice for our Second Amendment Rights.

Thanks LAV


7 Responses to “Ruger Wants You to Take Action Now!”

  1. Tim says:

    “the Vice President will unveil his recommendations for firearms restrictions.”
    The last time someone from Ruger made recommendations for firearms restrictions we ended up with an AWB and a knife in the back. I’ll continue to donate what I can to the GOA and NRA while writing my legislators. Ruger and their ilk can go pound sand, though.

  2. Chris says:

    Thanks for Posting this up SSD. Just completed it!

  3. Bluedevil says:

    Just completed mine also. I shared it on facebook too! I mean its really easy to do and hopefully if it makes .05% of a difference then that would be great! If you complete it make sure to share it on your facebook and twitter. This way more people will be able to contact those that need contacting.

  4. Tim

    That was a different Ruger – Bill Sr is long dead and the current investors bought out his son awhile back so no Ruger family member is involved with the company ; that is why they have been doing things like an AR and a 1911

    Good on Ruger for doing this – we all need to stay in the fight

  5. A says:

    This is going around the net. Share with as many uniformed folks as you can: