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SHOT Show – RADAR 1957

This is the new UK Army holster for the GLOCK.


It uses the Locking on the Ejection Port System or LEPS and the initial 2000 holsters are level 2 retention.


The holsters will always be in Coyote but after the first 2000 articles, the Brits are moving to a level 3 system with hood and the buckles on the leg shroud will be side release rather than the circular buckles that come with the initial order.



2 Responses to “SHOT Show – RADAR 1957”

  1. Whokka says:

    looks like a big holster to me and LEPs seems to be overly complicated as a mechanism.

    I take it the rotary mount functions like Serpa or RTi mounts… any angle/qick transition???

  2. Tactidork says:

    For all the condemnation of the Serpa holsters…. this looks… just like the Serpa.