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ADS Inc. TV Presents Shot Show 2013 | Gerber

Andrew Gritzbaugh from Gerber takes time to talk with ADS Inc. TV about the MP600 DET, the ID Kit and the all new Down Range Tomahawk!!

See more from Gerber at:

2 Responses to “ADS Inc. TV Presents Shot Show 2013 | Gerber”

  1. Stoney says:

    I’m pumped they are releasing the down range.tomahawk to the general public. I’m not as pumped about the $280ish MSRP. Who am I kidding though? I’ll pay it. Still no word about its release date though. I guess I’ll just keep checking their site once a week. On that note I’m off to the Gerber site.

  2. bill says:

    pretty weak release form gerber