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Happy Birthday Haji!


13 Responses to “Happy Birthday Haji!”

  1. Andrew says:

    Happy Birthday Brother!

    P.S. You look much better in this picture than in person for some reason…

  2. Giff says:

    Happy Birthday Haji!!!!

  3. Sketchy_Endeavor says:

    Happy Birthday dude. I didn’t even know it was today, that’s so vrazy.

  4. C.ALAN says:

    Happy Birthday Gramps 😛

    Just kidding. Hope you have a great Birthday Brother.


  5. Pesty0311 says:

    Happy Birthday man!

  6. tacdrivrnc says:

    Happy Birthday! Something looks vaguely familiar about that store…

  7. straps says:

    Happy birthday, and thanks for all you contribute to this community.

  8. Happy birthday silverback.

  9. jduncan says:

    Wow you have a DD gun in stock. Haji you remember that you slept on a blow up mattress in my youth hostel back only a few short years ago. Happy b-day old man!

    • Haji says:

      That pic is actually from the first shipment when they were first released. I shoulda bought that gun, but they sold too quickly.

  10. Scott says:

    looks like colonial shooting academy

  11. Haji says:

    Thank you all for the birthday wishes, even if it’s a slow news day on SSD that caused the post. LOL!

    Thanks, Eric! You rock!