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Save on Some Kill Cliff and Support the Armed Forces Foundation

Kill Cliff is an orange flavored carbonated recovery drink. This isn’t some energy drink that will get you going like a freight train but then drop you like a cheating girlfriend a few hours later. Kill Cliff tastes great and each 12-ounce can contains only 25mg of caffeine, 15 calories and no sugar. What sets this drink apart from other products is the combination of electrolytes and a proprietary mix of recovery supporting ingredients including an enzyme blend, green tea extract, ginger root, and milk thistle among other functional nutrients.


Want to get 10% off your next order of tasty Kill Cliff as well as FREE shipping? Better yet, how would you like to support the Armed Forces Foundation with 10% of proceeds of your purchase? The Armed Forces Foundation is certainly worthy of your support. They have a history for supporting the families of America’s fallen warrior regardless of branch of service, specialty, or unit with 94% of donations going to support their programs.

To order visit www.killcliff.com and enter SSD in the coupon code line. This offer is good through Friday, 15 Feb at 5:00 PM EST.

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6 Responses to “Save on Some Kill Cliff and Support the Armed Forces Foundation”

  1. chris says:

    is there any way to purchase kill cliff in the UK? any distributors?

  2. Alex says:

    Now’s my chance to try some… going to order now

  3. reverend says:

    Whatever on the drink, is there a way to purchase the AMMO in the AD?!

  4. Luke says:

    if you could buy a 6-pack I’d be all over this.

  5. Macuahuitl says:

    I ordered a box and it finally arrived today.
    I tore it open and much to my chagrin discovered that UPS had massacred the contents. Only about 12 cans out of 24 were usable. I’m in contact now with KillCliff to fix it. I know it wasn’t KCs fault but UPS… How on earth do they freeze and explode every can in the box and dent every can? I have always hated using UPS. They’re slow as hell and now I see they blow up your stuff.