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New Limited Edition Sling from BFG – The Sand Sling

The Limited Edition Sand Sling was created for one of Blue Force Gear’s favorite firearms instructors.

SP-1206 Sand Sling Laid Out

The body of this limited edition sling is Desert Sand – a very light tan that is similar to Desert MARPAT, AOR1, or 3 color desert pattern and matched with an A-TACS AU pull tab. Below, you can see it next to a Coyote Brown sling.

Sand vs Coyote Brown

The Sand Sling is not padded and incorporates Tan Acetal hardware and 1″ Push Button QD Sling Swivels. The front Swivel is sewn into the front of the sling and another is threaded onto the rear of the sling to easily install on weapons with Push Button swivel sockets without losing overall adjustability.

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