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Combat Flip Flops, Bulls and Police Dogs

During week 4 of training for running with the bulls, Combat Flip Flops‘ Griff tries to outrun a Police Dog.

It’s all being done for this:

A Challenge – 10,000 Likes on Facebook
A Dare – Griff runs with bulls on July 8th in flip flops
A Bet – Build enough momentum to start a factory in Afghanistan and help kickstart the local economy


3 Responses to “Combat Flip Flops, Bulls and Police Dogs”

  1. That went well Griff!! Just as planned, right? Way to take one for the team…

  2. Da Hui says:

    your a better biker than runner!

  3. Dog Off Leash says:

    LOL Knew that wasn’t going to work out well for him, especially when he said it was a Mal.