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Tangram 7-Piece Patch From Maxpedition

Sure, morale patches are intended to entertain, but as art. The Tangram from Maxpedition on the other hand, can entertain because you can reconfigure its 7 Hook-backed geometric pieces into a variety of shapes. I guess you could call it the first modular morale patch.


For example, you could make a cat. But the variations or myriad.


The Tangram puzzle originated in China and is used to stimulate thinking. Here are a few more examples of shapes.


Made from PVC rubber and offered in Arid or SWAT colors.


13 Responses to “Tangram 7-Piece Patch From Maxpedition”

  1. Alan Covey says:

    Not kidding…first thing I thought of was this old commercial!

    You have to be old to remember THAT EPIC!

  2. Mac says:

    My question is: “Why?”

  3. B307 says:

    Really? …. First off I am kinda shocked this made SSD, secondly whoever thought this was a good product idea needs to be punched in the face, I can’t see where this has any application past entertaining children.

  4. jack says:

    What’s the proper combination to make a spartan helmet out of this puzzle??
    I mean, who really wants to sport a jumping cat or a goose on their warrior clothes velcro?
    What could actually be funnier is if the shapes were meant to mimick weapons and other tactical whatnot (daggers, helmets and other shits)…

  5. Roecar says:

    I’ve never liked Maxpedition… the designs they use are often heavy-handed and are poorly executed for the intended end-user. The nylon they use is needlessly stiff and heavy, even noisy in certain situations.

    This takes the cake though… create a piece of “kit” that resembles toys that 4YOs use in pre-school. These types of morale patches are getting out of hand.

  6. Matt says:

    If the patch craze could jump the shark, it just did.

  7. CJ (The conservative one) says:

    Get a couple of them and you could make the Air Force logo.

  8. tyler says:

    how can you not like a ‘goose-stepping’ goose?? geez guys.

  9. I would get them for my three year old nephew since he seems to like patches and might play with them otherwise not really interested.

  10. defensor fortisimo says:

    To be honest, it’s not that different from the modular face mil spec monkey’s been peddling.

  11. Riceball says:

    You guys really have no sense of humor at all do you? This patch seems like a great idea to me for someone who’s deployed to some god-forsaken hell hole in the middle of nowhere with little to nothing to do, coming up with different designs would be an easy way of relieving boredom while off duty at some little OP/LP. You can only read the same book(s) &/or magazine(s) over so many times and you’re not likely to have access to an XBox or internet outside a major FOB but you’d have to this patch to help pass the time in between doing other things to try to keep yourself entertained.