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Outdoor Retailer – Liberty Bottleworks

Liberty Bottleworks manufactures Made in USA aluminum water bottles. In fact, they make the KCRF bottles sold through Tactical Distributors. They can apply virtually any artwork to the bottles, which caught the eyes of some Army SF guys and next thing you know, they’re making bottles for the numbered Groups. Now, they’re even making bottles for USASOC to be used as reenlistment gifts. And this trend isn’t confined to just Army SOF.


This service is available for any unit or organization looking for a unique, branded item that is also practical. What’s more, they won’t sell them to anyone else but your group.


3 Responses to “Outdoor Retailer – Liberty Bottleworks”

  1. Allen Elks says:

    It was just pointed out to me that you are marketing items with my artwork.

    I have not given anyone permission to use my artwork so I am asking that you cease using it. My artwork can be found here:

    Here is a picture of the item I am referring to:

    If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at: 910-633-9100

    Allen Elks

  2. PLiner says:

    I see one problem with this. The artwork used on that bottle belongs to the artist and he didn’t didn’t authorize Liberty to use it. I’m sure there will be some phone calls and emails over this.

  3. Allen Elks says:


    I didn’t mean to post this here. I thought I was on the Lilberty site. I have contacted Liberty.

    Sorry for the post.

    AL Elks