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Gunfighter Moment – Kyle Defoor

Lane Splitter

Everyone has heard the term “stay in your lane.” If you stay in your lane your whole life, you’re never going to experience the other lanes of travel. In my humble opinion, just like riding a motorcycle, it’s best to be a lane splitter. However to be a good lane splitter you got to be humble and use your signal before you go into the fast lane.

When someone says they do a certain technique, use a certain piece of equipment, or shoot a certain gun, don’t assume that they don’t know what they’re doing if its not what you do or what you agree with. In a lot of cases there’s a rhyme to the reason. Venture out of your lane and into theirs and learn WHY they do what they do.

On the flipside if someone bashes you for doing something, explain to them why you do what you do or use what you use. With no ego involved one party or the other will most likely learn something.

In regards to shooting it all comes down to what’s faster, what’s more accurate, and what will make a quicker kill. In regards to tactics it comes down to what makes the most sense for keeping personnel safe and completing the task as quick as possible without giving the enemy the same advantage. If the road you’re on doesn’t match those criteria, or you looked over and people are passing you by then you should get out of that lane.

Also know that in some cases all lanes of travel lead to the same interstate.


Kyle Defoor

“Trainer of Feeders”

Kyle Defoor is one of the world’s most committed and passionate shooting instructors. Literally growing up with a gun in hand he took his talents into the military where he was combat decorated as a SEAL assaulter and sniper. Kyle helped to create and define modern training while along the way personally teaching thousands of military personal and civilians from around the globe. His shooting prowess led to appearances on multiple TV shows including Shooting Gallery, Tactical Arms, and Tactical Impact, and guest appearances on History Channel. Kyle’s outdoor athletic lifestyle includes shooting, ultra running, stand-up paddle surfing and climbing. He now serves as the brand ambassador for Mission Ready Equipment and runs his own company which offers tactical training, wilderness navigation, TV and film consulting, and motivational speaking.


Gunfighter Moment is a weekly feature brought to you by Alias Training & Security Services. Each week Alias brings us a different Trainer and in turn they offer some words of wisdom.

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12 Responses to “Gunfighter Moment – Kyle Defoor

  1. Hello_Chigger says:

    Uh, motorcyclists who split lanes usually get split all over the pavement….

  2. Kyle Defoor says:

    Hello_Chigger has graciously involuntarily shown an example of my GM piece, and at the same time continued the miserable Internet existing experience that is the gun/shooting/training industry.

    One can surmise that Hello_Chigger, if he does in fact own a bike at all, does less than 15-20k a year on it. Which puts him right square in the middle of amateur/weekend enthusiast.

    Or….intel points to the fact that he has never looked at legal motorcycle lane splitting (state of California). Asked why and how? At the same time realizing that every motorcycle magazine in existence, the best riders on all platforms, and every industry first has taken place on the left coast and thought about going there and renting a bike and riding with locals (who by the way , on average, ride twice as much as most riders due to weather), and then taken that knowledge back to his home turf.

    Or…you could opine that Hello_Chigger is the type of rider that has the yearly miles in all types of weather, all the cool gear, and the latest hyperbike that no non-GP 500 human can actually take to its limit, and rides like THAT GUY we all see- 5 mph under the limit, “blinkers will save me”, pegs never dragged asphalt, etc., etc.

    If it were me and I didn’t have the knowledge I’d be on a plane to SOCAL to hookup with some Internet forum friends and have them show me what real riding is…..but I did that in 1994…..

  3. Monte says:

    Allot of marketing is based on names, terms and selling a single exclusive idea. Most of the time stolen from someone else. Flexibility and adaptability is key and the understanding of how to apply it to ever changing environments. But again what works for the body mechanics one person may not always work for another. I certainly wouldn’t totally disregard via a third party what one instructor says or does without trying it, learning from that person and honestly evaluating it dispassionately. Then of course introducing it to students for their evaluation and application. Just an observation, for what’s worth, which might not be much.

  4. fox says:

    Hello Kyle, welcome to the interwebs- where people make short, comical comments, and Elite Navy Seals write a page long essay style rage rant response to said comments. You have just trolled your own piece. Welcome to his level. I don’t think Chiggs meant any harm, he just wanted to get a chuckle from us-and he did. And now you play the role of the bully. For a businessman, that is not a good practice. Some advice: Every action has an equal and/or opposite reaction. People will often make comments on your thoughtful contributions that will piss you off- it just happens. I realize that there is this attitude that one has to maintain, in order for people to take you seriously, though being Cpt. kingshit of the hill all of the time will drive your customer base away. You need not respond to comments negatively to ward off potential supporters, just call them FEEDERS.

    • SSD says:

      I’m a businessman too. And one that posses ME off are guys who tell people how to run their business.

      • Hello_Chigger says:

        Interesting. My original post was not intended as a trolling comment, rather it was a semi-humorous reflection (if crashing and burning can be considered humorous) based upon personally witnessing at least two accidents (and several “almost” accidents) involving motorcyclists who were indeed “split” all over the pavement as a result of splitting lanes. Granted, the blame could probably be laid upon the drivers who decided at that moment to merge left/right and side swipe the motorcyclist . . . but I digress.

        At any rate, I would posit that a large percentage of conventional automobile drivers would argue that lane splitting is a bad practice and endangers cyclist and drivers alike. On the other end, there are a large percentage of cyclists who feel that lane splitting is a reasonable and safe practice (if everyone is doing their job), and should be considered a sacred right. I suspect, as is the inevitable problem of human beings, compromise will never be reached.

        What is perhaps most telling is that Mr. Defoor let his ego escape through in his rebuttal to me. Considering his original post was soliciting that one do the following:

        [Quote] “On the flipside if someone bashes you for doing something, explain to them why you do what you do or use what you use. With no ego involved one party or the other will most likely learn something.” [End Quote]

        As one business owner to another, it is often more profitable and/or expedient to simply not engage the public. The best one can say in that instance is “they’re not reachable for comment.”

      • fox says:

        I was taking Kyle’s advice of getting out of my lane- I guess commenting and offering advice on SSD is a lane I should avoid. Roger. Lima Charlie. Out.

  5. Jason says:

    Splitting lanes has been proven to be safer for motorcyclists, reduce traffic congestion, and encourage the wearing of more safety gear during hotter weather…

    Damn some people are dumb.

  6. Magnum1b says:

    I enjoyed Kyle’s piece and from personal experience having lived in SoCal for a brief year back in 75-76 experienced the joy of “filtering” as they call it in Europe. I also enjoyed that freedom in Japan from 69-72 when I was stationed in the Yokohama area. Filtering in any area of your life, whether riding, shooting, or career is a much smoother way to advance in your endeavors. But then that’s just my 2 cents and YMMV.

  7. Tomaso says:

    First I enjoyed the Defoor’s article…..and many many “pro’s” are incapable of it. The better they are and the more trophys on thier wall the less plausible are the ideas and experiances of others…..especially if those ideas are comming from one with out wall accolades.
    Unfortunately by Dfoor’s response he’s exactly what he preaches not to be.
    But he has all the information and knowledge to improve, all he has to do is follow his own advise. = )