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Grey Ghost Gear Announces Release Of The Slim Medical Pouch

Dalton Gardens, ID —14 AUG 13— Grey Ghost Gear announces it has released the SLIM MEDICAL (SMP) pouch for general purchase. After months of T&E at home and in Afghanistan with SOF personnel the SMP is commercially available.

Asked why they chose to build particular piece of kit as the next in their line-up, Grey Ghost Gear Vice President responds “The reason we decided to put it in the marketplace
is simply because there’s very little else out there like it. It contains just enough stuff to treat yourself has some great features—a TQ cinch on the front, clamshell opening tab on top so you can tear it open easily under stress with bloody or sweaty hands, that sort of thing.”

The Slim Medical Pouch is currently available in MultiCam and Coyote, though additional ‘civilian’ colors as well as an all-black version are planned.

Lindsey Lea, Grey Ghost Gear’s Director of Business Development, explains further. “Our designers built this on info we’ve gotten back from guys in a number of different places, including one of the SFGs [Special Forces Groups] that’s over there now. It may evolve somewhat in the future if the threat changes or what they tell us demands it, but all necessary changes appear to have been made in the early stages and trials. Right now it’s built exactly the way they wanted it.”


The Slim Medical Pouch is constructed of 500 Denier Cordura® nylon. It takes up just two modular webbing channels on the mounting platform and secures with the two included Malice Clips®. As the name implies, it has a slim profile and is specifically designed to carry the most important immediate action trauma supplies. Dual zippers running the full length of the pouch and a large pull time allow quick access to the contents inside the pouch.

The inside contains more than ample room for vital trauma kit, as well as a flat pocket and elastic bands to secure various items. A bungee retainer system on the front of the pouch can cinch a tourniquet or other gear down, and two rows of modular webbing on either side will hold trauma shears or other items.

The pouch was designed to carry the following items but is capable of storing an array of other items as needed:

• 1 Pair of Nitril gloves
• HALO Chest seal x 2
• CAT Tourniquet x 2
• Trauma Shears
• Decompression Needle
• H&H compressed Gauze x2
• Quickclot Combat Gauze
• 6” Israeli Compression Bandage
• 28 FR NPA

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