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The TIHK – Tiny Inconspicuous Handcuff Key

The TIHK, or Tiny Inconspicuous Handcuff Key, is exactly what the name implies, a small handcuff key designed to be hidden on one’s person. The TIHK features an attachment clip, minimal form factor, and a non-reflective matte coating to insure it remains undetected when detained. The key is designed to fit all standard “peerless” single and double-lock handcuffs. While concealable handcuff keys/unlock tools are nothing new, unlike other examples, this particular product is currently up for crowdfunding to fund the manufacturing process.


We’ve seen a lot of things hit crowd funding sources like Kickstarter and IndieGoGo, but we expect this one to cause a great deal of controversy. There are lots of handcuff keys available. They aren’t illegal to posses, at least in most places, but handcuff keys aren’t something you pick up just anywhere. Marketing this one on a crowd funding platform where virtually anyone can buy in is most curious.



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