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Vet Corps Launches First T-shirt


Located in a Los Angeles Veterans Hospital, Vets Corps USA has printed its first run of shirts. The veteran generated designs represent the leadership principals of the military and hold to the program’s ethos that Veterans are leaders, not victims. On its surface, the Vets Corps program teaches design, management, silk screening, printing, sewing and assembly, but the underlying goal is to create an environment where veterans build their self-esteem while working to rejoin the society they once defended. All proceeds from the sales of the shirts go back to the program to pay the Vets themselves and for machinery, supplies and instruction. The designs are printed on American made high quality T-shirts. Vets Corps is already taking orders for shirt printing from other non-profit organizations and companies that want to send their print work to a Veteran charity. Contact Deirdre or Jodi at Vets Corps at (310) 202-9007 to receive a quote on T-shirt printing. Vets Corps started as a charity founded by SOTech staff members to incorporate assembly of SOTech medical kits into a vocational therapy program for Veterans giving them a sense of supporting the GWOT. This program expanded into sewing cloth shopping bags to encourage a sense of sewing bags to clean the environment. After a grant of printing equipment, the program was able to incorporate art therapy and industrial print into the program. Watch for new veteran shirt designs coming soon.



5 Responses to “Vet Corps Launches First T-shirt”

  1. Jon Meyer says:


  2. stefan s. says:

    Is it me or the graphics on the tee have a left handed salute? If so WTF over?

    • Jim Cragg says:

      Stefan, the soldier in the image has his back to the flag and eagle and is saluting with his right hand. A full color image was blackened to create this. All is straight with the D&C manual. Thanks for checking it out.

  3. Curtis says:

    Niiiiiiiice. Proud to be a part of this. This is for all my fellow veterans and active duty.

  4. Merle Fishman says:

    What a great idea, giving Vets skills and jobs, the two things that give people substanence and confidence.
    Hope this program model grows into a new way of uplifting our Veterans.