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You Never Know Where They’ll Show Up

I was super stoked to receive this photo.


Looks like we can add the Israeli desert and IDF female units to the list.


11 Responses to “You Never Know Where They’ll Show Up”

  1. Mike B. says:

    Damn, they can’t sort her out a correct fitting vest.. and better yet, one that will protect her better.

  2. Sal Palma says:

    A cutie from the kibbutz… Unlike the US, dollars per soldier is relatively small. She’s probably supporting police and/or performing a police function. The plus side, highly mobile and not a lot of weight.

  3. Chris K. says:

    Like. +1 Sal

  4. straps says:

    Izzie girls are TROOPERS!

  5. Will says:

    1970 called… They want their kit back 🙂

  6. Ipkiss says:

    Still waiting for my patches.. 🙁

  7. E FREE says:

    She is entry level and guarding a base in the center of Israel, no real need for the heavy gear.

    Also – there is always an officer on duty that is better equipped.

  8. Jim L says:

    Please put a magazine in the damn weapon.