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ISH Urban Belt and Ultralight Urban Leg Loops from Misty Mountain

Misty Mountain

Misty Mountain has some new lightweight climbing gear that is finding some fans. The ISH Urban Belt and Ultralight Urban Leg Loops in MultiCam provide a low profile, scalable, integrated personal protection system that’s popular with PJs and SF operators for use in in rotary wing aircraft. The ISH Urban Belt features a quick release bayonet style AustriAlpin Cobra buckle. The 3,000 lbs rated belt has a clean Velcro tail closure, side gear loop and Velcro Fi-Fi hook tab, along with front and dorsal reinforced attachment loops. The belt is comprised of dual layer MultiCam pattern woven 1.75” nylon webbing sandwiched around HDPE for stiffness. When matched with the ISH Ultralight Urban Leg Loops, the harness is rated to 3,600 lbs (16 kN). The leg loops feature lightweight MultiCam pattern woven 2” nylon webbing with side auto-block loops and quick release AustriAlpin 1” buckles, and weigh in at a scant 7.8 oz. Utilizing the included auto lock carabiner, the leg loops can be mounted around the waist until needed, and then quickly deployed. Developed by Misty Mountain and a retired USAF PJ, ISH is the name for the Integrated Stealth Harness which also includes the ISH Chest Harness and ISH Tethers. Selected by USSOCOM for inclusion in the TCCC CASEVAC Extraction system, ISH is Made in the USA exclusively by Misty Mountain.


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