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SHOT Show 17 – GSS Gear / Integrated Stealth Harness-TQ / Misty Mountain 

Thursday, January 19th, 2017

Ish Antonio is well known in the Rescue community and he has come up with a new harness. Manufactured by Misty Mountain, the Integrated Stealth Harness-TQ. It’s unlike anything I’ve seen. The ISH-TQ offers such a low profile, you can wear it all of the time and you’ll have an extra tourniquet at hand as well. In the photos, the Harness is demonstrated on a mannequin so it won’t tighten as well as on a human.

For hasty rappel or hoist mode, you pull the loops down over your rear.

To employ the Full class II Harness, engage the leg loops which attach via Austrialpin buckles.

Additionally, the harness can be employed as a Tourniquet while worn on the leg.

The carabiner is used as the windlass.

It can also be removed from wear and employed on arms or others.

Interested parties should contact www.mistymountain.com or email Ish at i.antonio@ishgear.com. Naturally, GSS Gear will help out with Unit and eganxy purchases.

Misty Mountain Wants To Make Sure You’re Using The ISH Chest Harness Properly

Thursday, December 1st, 2016

Misty Mountain has been designing and building climbing equipment for over 30 years. We highly value the trust of our customers and strive to provide them with the highest quality gear. We have recently become aware of instances where our ISH Chest harness has been used incorrectly. We want to make sure we do our best to inform operators on the proper use of the ISH Chest harness and prevent misuse.

The ISH Chest must be used in combination with a sit harness. The proper way to tie-in is to pass the rope through both the chest and sit harness tie-in points. This is the method for attachment that the ISH Chest has been tested to and certified by the UIAA. This is the only method of attachment that has been third party tested and approved.

For users who want a higher single point attachment for activities like insertion and extraction, we have discovered a way of doing this with the ISH Chest and a sit harness that relies upon attachment to the top of the load rated adjustable tether that connects the ISH Chest to the sit harness. This method has been tested by Misty Mountain in-house and is load rated to 15 kN. Please note that this is NOT the method by which the UIAA tested and approved the ISH Chest, and this method has NOT been third party tested or approved.

The user should never tie-in or attach solely to the ISH Chest sternum loop. The ISH Chest harness was not designed for this direction of pull and will fail if misused in this manner resulting in serious injury or death.

Please review the attached ISH Chest Technical Notice. Please contact Misty Mountain if you have any questions about the use of this product.

Misty Mountain is redesigning the ISH Chest double buckle piece to reduce the potential for misuse and this redesigned unit will be incorporated into all ISH Chest harnesses beginning in 2017. We are currently having this information translated into Spanish and we will provide this translated notice as soon as it’s available.

Misty Mountain Threadworks, Inc

Phone: 828-963-6688
Fax: 828-963-6810
Website: www.mistymountain.com


Misty Mountain – The Skull Camo Chalk Bag Is Back

Tuesday, June 16th, 2015


The popularity of the Skull Camo Chalk Bag prompted Misty Mountain to source more skull camo pattern fabric, allowing them to offer it once more. Additionally, 50% off the Skull Camo Chalk Bag revenue will be donated to select charities that support wounded warriors and Veterans.


Misty Mountain – Tactical Roco Insertion Cache

Thursday, April 23rd, 2015

Misty Mountain’s Tactical Roco Insertion Cache (TRIC) is a compact bag with integrated strap designed for carrying a small rope and hardware for insertion and extraction. Designed in conjunction with Roco Rescue, TRIC features a modular, low profile, easy access bag for holding 150 feet of 9 mm rope and hardware for personal rappelling, hauling, and other rescue activities. TRIC includes a detachable strap/belt with load rated AustriAlpin Cobra buckle for use in carrying and as an emergency anchor or sling. Features include 2 interior stretch pockets, 6 bi-color interior straps for multiple loadout configurations and generous 1″ MOLLE for various mounting options. TRIC can be worn around the waist as a belt, diagonally over the shoulder as a sling, carried on one shoulder or strapped onto a larger pack. Durably constructed from 1000 denier nylon and burly #10 YKK Zipper, TRIC is perfect for compactly carrying a personal rope kit for quick insertion and extraction. Strap attaches with 2 side squeeze buckles and Velcro for security. Three exterior compression straps keep it all snug. Made in the USA by Misty Mountain and Berry Amendment Compliant.
Available in Multicam, Coyote, and Black.


Misty Mountain – Chalk Bag

Tuesday, April 21st, 2015

We recently spied this skull pattern chalk bag from Misty Mountain during the USASOC Sniper competition at Fort Bragg. Seeing how it’s Made in USA, we thought it was cool enough to share.
Although this skull pattern has not been loaded on their website as an option, you can contact them and order it anyway.

Misty Mountain’s Cadillac Tactical Harness Now Available in MultiCam

Monday, October 28th, 2013


Misty Mountain Threadworks has begun offering a MultiCam hybrid Cadillac Tactical climbing harness for military and tactical climbers looking for a comfortable, durable, lightweight harness for climbing and rappelling. The Cadillac Tactical was chosen by the US Army for the new SOF Squad Mountain Leader Kit. It features double buckle adjustability and adjustable leg loops. Four gear loops are load rated to prevent premature failure, and leg loops feature strong auto-block loops for rappel backup. Wide, padded waist belt and leg loops and comfortable Misty Mountain design make this harness suitable for extended hang time. The Cadillac Tactical has passed requirements for the UIAA Safety Label and is rated to 15 kN. Contact Goose Kearse – goose@mistymountain.com – if you have questions or would like to purchase the Cadillac Tactical in MultiCam hybrid, or in solid colors Coyote Brown or Black.

Misty Mountain Cadillac Tactical climbing harness is designed and made in the USA exclusively by Misty Mountain Threadworks, Inc., and Berry Amendment Compliant.

ISH Urban Belt and Ultralight Urban Leg Loops from Misty Mountain

Wednesday, October 9th, 2013

Misty Mountain

Misty Mountain has some new lightweight climbing gear that is finding some fans. The ISH Urban Belt and Ultralight Urban Leg Loops in MultiCam provide a low profile, scalable, integrated personal protection system that’s popular with PJs and SF operators for use in in rotary wing aircraft. The ISH Urban Belt features a quick release bayonet style AustriAlpin Cobra buckle. The 3,000 lbs rated belt has a clean Velcro tail closure, side gear loop and Velcro Fi-Fi hook tab, along with front and dorsal reinforced attachment loops. The belt is comprised of dual layer MultiCam pattern woven 1.75” nylon webbing sandwiched around HDPE for stiffness. When matched with the ISH Ultralight Urban Leg Loops, the harness is rated to 3,600 lbs (16 kN). The leg loops feature lightweight MultiCam pattern woven 2” nylon webbing with side auto-block loops and quick release AustriAlpin 1” buckles, and weigh in at a scant 7.8 oz. Utilizing the included auto lock carabiner, the leg loops can be mounted around the waist until needed, and then quickly deployed. Developed by Misty Mountain and a retired USAF PJ, ISH is the name for the Integrated Stealth Harness which also includes the ISH Chest Harness and ISH Tethers. Selected by USSOCOM for inclusion in the TCCC CASEVAC Extraction system, ISH is Made in the USA exclusively by Misty Mountain.


Misty Mountain Cadillac Tactical Climbing Harness

Wednesday, September 21st, 2011

At Outdoor Retailer, Misty Mountain showed me their new Cadillac Tactical Climbing Harness but it was still a few weeks from release. But now, it’s fully available.

Misty Mountain is well known within the relatively small cadre of military mountaineers. They reached out to these customers before beginning work on the Cadillac and asked what these professionals were looking for. According to Misty Mountain, they were repeatedly told, “strength, durability, comfort, and abrasion resistance, plus ease of use while wearing gloves, and strong connection points for easier, safer transitions. Make it easy to adjust, lightweight, and super burly so it can stand up to the nastiest environments.” Taking this guidance they set out to create the Cadillac Tactical sit harness.

They’ve used the latest materials to create this harness. Misty Mountain’s description is more than adequate:

The new Cadillac Tactical features a monochromatic color scheme, four quick adjust buckles for ease of fit, four strong, integrated nylon gear loops with TRELLEBORG high abrasion reinforced Kevlar fabric. TWEAVE DURASTRETCH High Tenacity Nylon inner layer is durable and abrasion resistant. Removeable leg loops feature auto-block loops for easy rappel back-up, adjust for dorsal rise and offer quick release option. Wide, layered comfort comes from tough 1000 Denier CORDURA nylon laminate sublayer to spread forces over a wider surface area of closed cell, cross-linked .25″ EVAZOTE foam padding. Soft foam edges roll for comfort, and black anodized 6061 T-6 Aluminum 2 piece quick adjust buckles work smoothly but lock as needed with 1″ tubular Climbspec nylon webbing.

Cadillac Tactical harness strength rated to 16 kN (3,600 lbs), gear loops and rear haul loop rated to 10 kN (2,250 lbs).

The Cadillac is a sized harness offered in XSmall – XXXLarge. Berry compliant and available in Coyote or Black, if you’re at Modern Day Marine next week, stop by the Extreme Outfitters booth and check out Misty Mountain.