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Gentex At Modern Day Marine

Friday, September 18th, 2015

Gentex Ops-Core MDM

Ops-Core Will Be Attending Modern Day Marine South

Monday, April 20th, 2015

Ops Core Marine South

Ops-Core will be attending Modern Day Marine South, Booth #317, displaying their latest products to prospective customers. Marine South is taking place at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, April 22-23.

Sneak Peek – National Molding Unveils New Technology at Modern Day Marine

Monday, September 22nd, 2014

RPC 9 19 14

At this week’s Modern Day Marine expo at Quantico, Virginia, National Molding will be revealing what they are calling “a new direction in armor.” Stop by Booth #3142 to check it out.

Black Diamond Advanced Technology To Unveil Its New APEx Predator System At The Modern Day Marine Expo

Saturday, September 13th, 2014

This is a press release from Black Diamond Advanced Technology regarding their unveling of their new APEx Predator System at the upcoming Modern Day Marine Expo.

(PRWEB) September 11, 2014 – Black Diamond Advanced Technology to unveil its new APEx Predator System at the Modern Day Marine Expo on September 23rd, 2014!

What do Windows and Android Tablets, Smartphones and Laptops all have in common? They don’t always play together well with tactical peripherals, in a battlefield setting!

Today’s budget climate has drawn attention to Windows and Android notepads, tablets and smartphones as “good enough” COTS computing solutions. On paper the cost savings are attractive but it doesn’t address the complex challenges of interoperability and ensuring Situational Awareness on the Battlefield. Coupling the lessons learned from our users on the battlefield with our experience in tactical computing solutions, we’ve created targeting, command and control, and situational awareness solutions that help the end-user leverage and fully exploit their choice of COTS computing technology.

The APEx Predator System provides POWER + DATA which enables communications from tactical radios and peripherals to commercial tablets and computers running both Windows and Android operating systems. The system is designed for multiple mission sets that demand a flexible communications platform and power management solution. It allows for the simultaneous connection of multiple voice, data, video and peripheral devices, and their unique interfaces, back to a COTS computing device using a single USB Interface. You can also run all your gear from one battery, which means reduced weight and simplified logistics. Command and control from a single, simplified solution means enhanced situational awareness.

Coupled with the Black Diamond Forward Air Control-Utility Suite, precision targeting software for Digitally-aided Close Air Support (DACAS) and full digital call for fire, the APEx Predator System is a turn-key hardware/software solution that leverages low-cost COTS computing cores to deliver a precision weapon system.

Black Diamond has made its mark by delivering reliable, wearable, tactical computing solutions that have deployed to various theaters around the world and returned a trusted partner. The missions may be different but our goal remains the same, Situational Awareness you can trust.

About Black Diamond Advanced Technology, LLC
Black Diamond is the leader in wearable, tactical technology for Situational Awareness, UAS Ground Control Stations, Digitally Aided Close Air Support, and Explosive Ordnance Disposal applications with programs of record in the US Air Force, US Marine Corp, the Air National Guard, Australian Army Fires Land 17 Program, and the Danish Army Fires Program DALO for Close Air Support systems. Black Diamond solutions include mobile computer integration, an integrated communications platform, peripheral controller and power management system. Black Diamond is a trusted partner for mission success, adding value through interoperability.

To schedule a meeting or demo at Modern Day Marine please email us at

For more information on our combat proven product lines, please visit

WL Gore’s Reversible Marine Combat Jacket

Tuesday, October 8th, 2013

Last year, WL Gore introduced their reversible technology. This type of garment is great for organizations with multiple camouflage patterns like the Marine Corps. With the release of the woodland version of the USMC Combat Jacket, WL Gore displayed a prototype that reverses to Desert MARPAT during the recent Modern Day Marine expo.


The Marines now have two separate Combat Jackets (Desert and Woodland MARPAT). The new optional wear CWJ will be available through clothing sales stores this Fall. But, if a Marine wants to deploy with both models it means additional weight and space in his sea bag, not to mention up front cost. The folks at Gore realized this and worked to adapt their reversible technology to the specialized fabrics used in this performance garment.

In addition to the Combat Desert/Woodland Jacket seen here, WL Gore has also produced versions of APECS. These types of reversible outerwear are great not just for the Marine Corps but also the Navy who uses different patterns for arid and woodland environments.

MDM – ArmorWorks Protective Combat Shirt Mod2

Tuesday, September 24th, 2013

ArmorWorks Protective Combat Shirt Mod2

First seen on SSD at SOFIC 2012, the ArmorWorks Protective Combat Shirt has evolved with new materials and a new look. The genesis of this shirt is the ArmorWorks Protective Under Garment (PUGz) first fielded by the US Marine Corps in 2011 and subsequently by select units of USSOCOM. Like the PUGz, the Protective Combat Shirt is flame resistant (FR) and designed to protect the wearer from IED blast fragmentation and associated small particle debris.

The shirt is designed and cut to provide the wearer with additional protection for all the areas not covered by PPE. As seen in the accompanying pictures, the lower abdomen, lats, arms, neck and throat are all protected by a proprietary two-layer, double-sided Kevlar knit/jersey construction (sage green material in the photos). The Kevlar knit on the outside provides the combat proven protection while the inner jersey layer provides the moisture wicking comfort.

The high v-neck zipper-less collar provides 360 degree protection around the throat and neck without the uncomfortable bulge of a zipper under your plate carrier or body armor vest. The torso and back of the shirt features a diamond shaped jacquard mesh ventilation pattern commonly seen in state-of-art sports apparel that maps directly to the heat zones of an operator wearing body armor, providing breathability and cooling where needed most. As mentioned previously, the shirt is FR throughout and features X-STATIC antimicrobial technology that inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi.

Whether you’re planning a short notice trip to EUCOM or you’re already ankle deep in spent brass, this is the shirt you want to have on! The Protective Combat Shirt will be on display at the Modern Day Marine, September 24-26 at ArmorWorks Enterprises booth #2003.

See You at Modern Day Marine

Monday, September 24th, 2012

SSD will be on the ground at Modern Day Marine, 25-27 Sept at Quantico Marine Corps Base, bringing you live coverage of the latest and greatest. Articles will bear the prefix “MDM”. Apparently, we’re doing something right. This year we received VIP parking passes.

Fight-Lite from ARES Defense

Thursday, October 20th, 2011

ARES Defense has been around for many years and while their bread and butter has been their weapon systems they showed us a couple of new products at the recent Modern Day Marine Expo. One, the Fight-Lite is an innovative modification to the standard AR-style upper receiver.

The Fight-Lite is a button activated low powered red LED that illuminates the interior of the upper receiver. It can be used in low-light conditions to check the chamber and assist with clearing stoppages. While ARES Defense offers an upper with the Fight-Lite already installed, the technology can be applied to existing uppers incorporating a spent case deflector.