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MDM – WL Gore & Associates – MultiSpectral Concealment Systems

Wednesday, September 24th, 2014


WL Gore is offering a new application of the MultiSpectral concealment technology used in the Turkey Suit we showed you last year. Now, they are offering hide systems that can be used to conceal a variety of emplacements and systems such as fighting positions and vehicles.


As you can see, the technology does a great job of concealing the user under thermal sensors (LWIR above) but it also offers visual, niR, SWIR and MWIR.

The hide systems are reversible and can be used for a variety of environments such as desert, woodland or transitional. Additionally, they can be daisy chained together to create a variety of configurations.

SOFIC 2014 – Gore Military

Wednesday, May 21st, 2014

On the heels of WL Gore’s Multi-Spectral concealment “Turkey Suit”, they’ve introduced a Hide system. This reversible design offers visual camouflage for Multi-Environments as well as NIR, SWIR, MIWR, and LWIR.


As you can see, this 6′ x 6′ hide stuffs down to a more than manageable size.


The Hide can be connected to additional hides to offer more real estate. In case you’re wondering, the pattern in this example is a proprietary camouflage developed by WL Gore initially for the US Army Camo trials. It is not offered commercially at this time. There are multiple patterns available under contract sales.

Win an Arc’teryx LEAF Alpha Gen 2 Set

Wednesday, February 26th, 2014

Arc’teryx LEAF just introduced the new Alpha Gen 2 line consisting of Jacket, Pant and Pant Bib which integrate new improved features. Now, they want to give you a set.


For Alpha Gen 2 Line Arc’teryx has completely redesigned all three garments with the Jacket dropping some weight through fewer seams and narrower seam tape, glued-in zippers and lighter Gore-tex fabric in the hood of the Alpha Jacket. The Pant and Bib both feature glued pockets and waterproof side zips that route aft of the knee allowing movement with the zips open.

Sizes Small – XXLarge, offered in Black, Crocodile, Wolf and MultiCam.

The Contest
Arc’teryx LEAF and SSD want to hear your LEAF Alpha Gen 1 stories and experiences. Specifically, we’d like to know how it performed for you or helped you do your job better. Obviously, there’s no need to disclose anything sensitive, we just want you to share your cool stories. It’s ok to be generic about operational details. Pictures help. Post it somewhere online and put the link in your submission post. Don’t tell us which SSD story you like. We want to hear about how you have used the Arc’teryx LEAF Alpha. The best story will earn the writer an award consisting of an Alpha set: Alpha jacket and Alpha pant or Bib pant in either Solid or MultiCam.

How to Enter
1. In the comments section of THIS article on SSD share your story. Only entries here on SSD (not Facebook) are eligible to win. You can tell the story anywhere you want to but it won’t count unless you post it HERE.

2. Comments are open from now until 2359 Zulu on 28 February, 2014. Ready – Set – Go!

3. Use any alias you want to post but be sure to use a valid email address since that’s how we’ll contact the winners.

4. Once the contest closes, representatives from Arc’teryx LEAF and SSD will review the entries and select a winner.

5. One entry per email address. We will delete entries that violate this policy.

6. Must be 18 to enter. Void where prohibited.

Announcing Light and Fast GORE-TEX Fabric – Debuting at SHOT Show

Tuesday, January 14th, 2014

You are going to see this new material in garments here at SHOT Show. Keep your eye put.


ELKTON, MD, JANUARY 13, 2014 – – The light and fast GORE-TEX® fabric from W. L. Gore & Associates, Inc. is an extremely breathable, lightweight fabric that provides durable waterproof and windproof protection with improved next-to-skin comfort. The new technology significantly reduces build-up of under-layer condensation during and after periods of high intensity activity without sacrificing environmental protection. Key industry leaders, including ADS, Arc’Teryx, Patagonia, and Wild Things, are introducing new products that feature this new lightweight, highly breathable fabric.


Gore will be exhibiting the new light and fast GORE-TEX® fabric at the upcoming SHOT Show, Jan 14-17, Sands Expo Center, Las Vegas, NV, in booth #10370.

Tennessee Apparel and WL Gore Partner to Produce New CBRN Ensembles for USSOCOM

Wednesday, November 27th, 2013


Tennessee Apparel Corp. (TAC), manufacturer of military garments, has been identified as the only qualified source for the procurement of chemical and biological protective garments under the Uniform Integrated Protection Ensemble Increment 1 (UIPE I1) effort. TAC has received the production option on a $129MM firm-fixed-price contract that had been issued in February 2012.

The chemical and biological protective ensemble is a layered clothing system that consists of a lightweight combat uniform worn over a CB protective undergarment. W. L. Gore & Associates (Gore), a world leader in the development of high-performance protective fabrics, is the key material supplier on the contract. Gore’s stretch GORE® CHEMPAK® selectively permeable fabric is used in the protective undergarment layer of the clothing system.

This clothing system provides enhanced individual protective capabilities through superior protection from warfare agents after wear, and after exposure to petroleum, oils, lubricants (POL) and other environmental contaminants. In addition, the innovative undergarment design integrates easily with current combat gear and personal protective equipment.

The breathable performance of GORE® CHEMPAK® selectively permeable fabric reduces thermal burden by allowing perspiration vapor (sweat) to escape. In addition, the stretch construction allows for a comfortable, next-to-skin fit, which further reduces heat stress by eliminating the thermal insulating layer that surrounds the body and by increasing heat loss through convection.

“We are excited about the launch of the UIPE I1 chemical and biological protective garment for the Special Operations community,” says Rick Francis, Co-President of Tennessee Apparel Corp. “This durable, low-profile protective undergarment is truly a revolutionary CB product that will protect the Operator while allowing them to be more functional during operations in adverse conditions.”

Mike Kienzle, Product Specialist at Gore for GORE® CHEMPAK® products, says, “This is another instance of a user group choosing GORE® CHEMPAK® selectively permeable fabric because of the combination of durable, broad protection, and reduced thermal burden. This is a paradigm shift when compared to traditional chemical and biological protective fabrics.” Kienzle adds, “Our commercially available selectively permeable fabrics have been certified for use in civil responder protective ensembles and approved for use in other US military CB protective ensembles.”

The chemical and biological protective clothing system is suitable for wear while performing combat operations, whether on land or at sea, in any climate, with minimal impact on combat effectiveness. The versatile design allows for easy integration with current and developmental clothing and equipment including load-bearing equipment, handwear, footwear, and protective masks.

For more information about Tennessee Apparel Corporation’s military product offerings call 931.455.3491, or email Rick Francis at

For more information about GORE® CHEMPAK® products, visit or call 1.800.463.GORE (4673).

AUSA – WL Gore/Raven Aerostar Turkey Suit

Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013



Awhile back we told you that WL Gore was about more than just waterproof/breathable jackets. They design and manufacture (or license to others) a wide variety of technologies. In the defense sector alone they have been a constant source of innovation in the soft goods arena. The latest examples of this are the new GORE® Multispectral Concealment Technologies and the associated NEMESIS™ line of Garments, Personal Hides & Equipment Covers, Multispectral Signature Concealment from Raven Industries. Raven Aerostar has a long relationship with WL Gore and manufactured the initial ECWCS garments back in the mid-80s so it’s no surprise to see them introduce this new technology.


Commonly referred to as the Turkey Suit due to its resemblance to the suits worn by hunters. The NEMESIS™ garment seen above features a face fabric in a developmental, proprietary WL Gore camouflage pattern. Considering they have introduced commercial hunting patterns it should be no surprise that they also have military patterns.


But the underlying technology in this material is what’s important. Quite simply, garments made from GORE® Multispectral Concealment Technologies greatly reduce the range of detection from sophisticated multi-spectral (Visual/NIR/SWIR/MWIR/LWIR) sensors.

The NEMESIS Turkey Suit is available in a broad range of military camouflage textile patterns, including Digital Desert (compatible with AOR1 and desert MARPAT), Digital Woodland (compatible with AOR2 and woodland MARPAT), and Transitional (compatible with multi-terrain patterns).

Sizes available: Small/Medium or Large/Extra Large

The garment is available for authorized users on, just search for “turkey suit”.

WL Gore’s Reversible Marine Combat Jacket

Tuesday, October 8th, 2013

Last year, WL Gore introduced their reversible technology. This type of garment is great for organizations with multiple camouflage patterns like the Marine Corps. With the release of the woodland version of the USMC Combat Jacket, WL Gore displayed a prototype that reverses to Desert MARPAT during the recent Modern Day Marine expo.


The Marines now have two separate Combat Jackets (Desert and Woodland MARPAT). The new optional wear CWJ will be available through clothing sales stores this Fall. But, if a Marine wants to deploy with both models it means additional weight and space in his sea bag, not to mention up front cost. The folks at Gore realized this and worked to adapt their reversible technology to the specialized fabrics used in this performance garment.

In addition to the Combat Desert/Woodland Jacket seen here, WL Gore has also produced versions of APECS. These types of reversible outerwear are great not just for the Marine Corps but also the Navy who uses different patterns for arid and woodland environments.

See USMC Combat Woodland Jacket at Modern Day Marine

Monday, September 23rd, 2013


In May the USMC approved the Combat Woodland Jacket (CWJ) for wear. The CWJ is manufactured by Short Bark Industries and designed with fabrics made by Gore and Milliken. This comfortable, lightweight, and windproof soft shell jacket, currently being procured in a desert camouflage pattern, is designed to provide Marines with enhanced weather protection from the environmental challenges encountered in woodland operations.

The Combat Woodland Jacket will be on display at the upcoming Modern Day Marine, September 24-26 at Booth #1423.