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Arc’teryx LEAF Sales and Distribution

Friday, December 9th, 2022

We received this statement from Arc’teryx regarding the LEAF program.

Since its inception 20 years ago, Arc’teryx LEAF has built best-in-class technical apparel and equipment solutions for specialized Military, Government, and Law Enforcement (MIL-GOV-LE) end-users in select NATO and NATO-allied countries.

As a result, Arc’teryx LEAF’s products have specific technical features required for specialized military, government, and law enforcement uses and are only produced in limited quantities.

To ensure that Arc’teryx LEAF products continue to be available for these core users in the volumes and the time frames needed, Arc’teryx LEAF has established a new distribution system. As of January 21, 2023, Arc’teryx LEAF will select resellers on the basis of their ability to service government agency contracts as well as their ability to sell directly or indirectly to government purchasers, among other criteria.

With this refined strategic approach, we remain focused on delivering our products and services to our intended market. Doing so enables Arc’teryx LEAF to respond swiftly to MIL-GOV-LE demand by ensuring available supply is reserved for those who safeguard public safety and national security.

Arc’teryx LEAF – SHOT Show 2022

Saturday, January 15th, 2022

Arc’teryx LEAF will be exhibiting at the 2022 SHOT Show from a new location at the Caesars Forum. They’ll be showcasing their entire system-of-dress, purpose-built for the most demanding Special Forces and Tactical Law Enforcement end users. From Jan 18-20, LEAF will be having its customary Happy Hour starting 16:30hr. If you are around, drop by to say hello! They are at Booth #75417. 

Arc’teryx LEAF – Gamma Anorak IFF

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2021

Today, pre-orders begin for the second Arc’teryx LEAF SMU, the Gamma Anorak. SMU is an acronym for “Special Make Up” which is a custom run, not included in the standard lineup, but generally based on an in-line item.

The Gamma Amorak is quite popular in the outdoor line and this SMU, the Gamma Anorak IFF is identical except for the distinctive Ranger Green color and the 4″ x 4″ Velcro arm patches for attaching IFF to your anorak. These also incorporate V-Lite retention loops.

It’s made from a lightweight 4-way stretch nylon/spandex double weave treated with DWR. It has great air-permeability for high intensity use.

It features articulated patterning, a deep front zipper for ventilation, a zippered low-profile exterior left chest pocket, drawstring hem, adjustable hood, and elasticized cuffs.

I have tried one of these on and I own one of the Outdoor line versions. If you like anoraks, you will love this one. Sizing is directly from the outdoor version of the Anorak, so if you want some extra room, go up a size.

Although retailers are taking orders now, these jackets will not ship until Tuesday, 7 Dec 2021. I fully expect these to sell out quickly.

Here is a list of where you can order yours, based on your region:

Asia Pacific




911 Supply

DS Tactical



Alpine Fox GMbH

Edgar Brothers


United States

US Elite Gear

Stuff I Don’t Like – Arc’teryx Merino Socks

Saturday, November 13th, 2021

I was intrigued when Arc’teryx introduced socks to their Fall/Winter 21 line. Traditionally, Arc’teryx has avoided adding products unless they can offer a major improvement over what is on the market. There are exceptions to this rule, in the accessories category, where they offer logo ball caps and t-shirts using industry standard blanks. They seem to have followed suit in their selection of socks. While they are made of Merino and featured the “dead bird” logo, they lack both fit and cushion.

I purchased a pair of each of the different versions (Lowcut, 1/4 and 3/4). They are made from varying blends of about half Merino Wool along with Nylon and Elastane. I bought Large socks for my size 9 feet. The fit wasn’t great, length-wise in the foot as well as in the toe box. I bought an additional pair in size Medium thinking that was the problem. Once again, the fit on the foot wasn’t great. They don’t conform well to the foot and bunch up in areas, particularly in the toe box, along the seam. Granted, they are a lightweight sock, but there’s little nap. Fine for running, but not quite what I’d like for hiking.

I washed and wore them several times. They held up to washing fine with little pilling, but a few snags inside.

I’ve informed the team at LEAF that I didn’t like the socks, but it’s not their offering. It is an outdoor product. I feel like someone looked for gaps in their line and selected something they could slap their logo on.

While I’ve been vocally critical in the past over the BAC Cap sold by Arc’teryx in both their LEAF and outdoor categories (because it’s not up to Arcteryx quality), this is the first time I’ve actively told people to avoid an Arc’teryx product. The bottom line is that there are a lot of Merino socks on the market and for me, these don’t measure up.

The rest of their offerings? I’m still quite pleased and I’ll be telling you soon about an addition to the ATOM line that I really like.

If others have had a better experience with Arc’teryx Merino socks, I’d love to hear about it.

SOC-F – Arc’teryx LEAF Duffle Pack 50 Sweepstakes

Wednesday, October 20th, 2021

Arc’teryx LEAF and US Elite are Teaming up to support The Special Operations Care Fund. Four of the just-announced Special Make Up (SMU) Duffle Pack 50’s, including US Elite swag, will be raffled off. 

• (2) Production Duffle Pack 50’s + some AWESOME swag, donated by US Elite Gear

• (2) one-of-a-kind Duffle Pack 50 prototypes donated by Arc’teryx LEAF

First Sweepstakes winner gets wins the opportunity to pick one (1) of the four Duffle Pack 50 bags of his or her choice. 2nd Sweepstakes winner gets to choose (1) Duffle Pack 50 of the three remaining bags. 3rd Sweepstakes winner gets their choice of the two remaining bags. Sweepstakes winner # 4 gets the (1) remaining bag.

• Winner # 1 in addition to the Duffle 50 bag also receives both a pair of Salomon Forces Sua Sponte MK II boots AND a Danger Ranger Knife.

• Winner # 2 in addition to the Duffle 50 bag will also receive a pair of Salomon Forces Sua Sponte MK II boots.

• Winner # 3 in addition to the Duffle 50 bag will also receive an Arc’teryx BAC Cap and US Elite T Shirt

• Winner # 4 in addition to the Duffle 50 bag will also receive a US Elite T Shirt.

• For this SMU (Special Make Up) project Arc’teryx wanted to use the best raw materials, with a operationally proven track record, and pair them with the best features from our ‘back catalogue’ of Arc’teryx Outdoor duffle packs.  They chose the excellent 500D Cordura MultiCam material that’s Polyurethane coated on both sides making it seriously robust and water resistant, yet lightweight and flexible.

To support the Special Operations Care Fund and purchase your chances to win, go here.

Arc’teryx LEAF – Limited Edition Duffle Pack 50

Tuesday, October 19th, 2021

Occasionally, Arc’teryx LEAF creates what is called an SMU for “Special Make Up” a custom run, if you will, which isn’t included in the standard lineup.

This SMU is a 50 liter duffel made from the same MultiCam, PU coated 500D Cordura material used in the DryPack. Other than layout and size, there’s a distinct difference from the DryPack; the Duffle Pack 50 isn’t fully waterproof.

Instead, it is highly water resistant, meaning seams are sealed and there’s a weather flap over the full-length zipper making the duffle highly resistant to rain. It can also sit in your boat and keep your gear dry. You just can’t dive it.

Additionally, it features two removable, padded shoulder straps and haul handles at either end and at each side. You can flip the adjustable shoulder straps either way so that the zipper is toward the wearer’s back, or away from it.

There are only 890 duffles available worldwide, across regional shops, so if you want to get ahold of one of these, this pre-order is your chance.

Pre-orders will be open for two weeks and available from:

Asia Pacific



911 Supply

DS Tactical


Alpine Fox GMbH

Edgar Brothers


United States

US Elite Gear

Arc’teryx Introduces Socks

Monday, July 26th, 2021

For years Arc’teryx used an advertisement for Arc’teryx socks as an internal training example of counterfeit products, but they can’t do that anymore. With the kickoff of the FW2020 line, Arc’teryx finally introduces socks.

Made from a Merino wool blend (49% Merino, 47% Nylon and 4% Elastane), there are four sizes and three different lengths (Low Cut, 1/4 Crew, and 3/4 Crew).

Currently, they only have two colors, Black and Macro which is a Grey hue.

I haven’t worn anything except Merino socks for years so I bought a couple of pairs and will let you know what I think once they arrive and I’ve worn them a bit.


Arc’teryx Is Not Anti-Gun

Saturday, June 19th, 2021

Truth be told, Arc’teryx doesn’t have a corporate policy on guns. Why would they? They are a Canadian clothing company. Granted, they have a division dedicated to Law Enforcement and Armed Forces customers, but they remain an outdoor brand.

But that didn’t stop a viral narrative from forming today after an employee of Arc’teryx’s corporate sales team sent this email to a member of the US firearms industry who has done business with Arc’teryx in the past, purchasing clothing embroidered with their corporate logo.

This image went viral. It’s an email from an actual Arc’teryx employee, but it doesn’t reflect policy.

Several people reached out to me to see if it was true. I told them I’d find out, and I did.

The email looked legitimate, but I was skeptical of the story since I had just received an Arc’teryx fleece along with others from SIG Sauer during a Defense Media event a few weeks back. What’s more, SIG Academy’s pro shop is well stocked with LEAF product embroidered with the SIG logo.

Instead of what is asserted in the email, interaction with the tactical industry (to include firearms related businesses) has transitioned to the LEAF team from corporate sales since those businesses have more in common with LEAF.

What I gather happened was that the Service Coordinator misunderstood the situation and thought that since the Professional & Corporate Sales Team would no longer handle those clients, Arc’teryx writ large was no longer doing business with them. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Internally, this has been addressed.

I reached out to the receiver of the email who wishes to remain anonymous, but they didn’t answer my query which was very short suspense. Unfortunately, they went to others in the firearms industry to verify the purported policy shift rather than taking the issue up the chain at Arc’teryx.

Within 10 minutes of contacting Arc’teryx I was able to verify that the information in the email was incorrect and did not reflect corporate policy.

Arc’teryx provided me with this statement:

“The email screenshot expressing a restrictive policy on corporate sales to tactical industry business was sent out in error. It does not reflect our current policy. The customer has been notified, apologized to, and been put in touch with a representative from the Arc’teryx LEAF business unit”.

In the end, this is a horrible misunderstanding gone viral. Unfortunately, many are embracing the narrative to validate their own feelings rather than looking at the facts and understanding that this is a very big misunderstanding. Still others have used this incident for gain.

If you’ve ever been frustrated by so-called cancel culture, this is a classic example where narrative got out in front of fact. And the fact is, Arc’teryx LEAF remains committed to continue to conduct business with its industry partners, just like it has for over a decade.